Sean Perkin

Sean Perkin

Professional Real Estate Broker Sean Perkin

Sean Perkin was born in South Africa, but immigrated to the United States in 1979. He and his family came to La Jolla, California, where they adapted to the American way of life. Growing up, he was athletically inclined and favored skiing, snowboarding, soccer, gymnastic, and baseball. An avid builder since birth he was always playing with LEGO, erector sets and building blocks, using them to construct buildings, houses, towns and cities. He continues this passion for building things today as an active real estate owner and investor.

Sean Perkin earned his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Southern California. He was also able to build on this knowledge by developing several skills that he continues to utilize today: branding, design, and marketing.

In 2008, Sean Perkin left the brokerage world just prior to the market crash to begin investing in real estate. In that time he and his partners have purchased numerous single family residences and apartments using a variety of ownership structures including LLC’s, General Partnerships and Syndications including several funds. On average the company has acquired between 6-14 assets each year. In 2008 the company was acquiring properties with a resale value of $200-$300 thousand each. Today it has grown dramatically and targets on average an exist price north of $2.5-$3.5 million. Returns over the investment cycle have been dramatic.

Sean Perkin also acts as a licensed California Real Estate Broker. He represents only sellers of property that demand nothing less than the best in experience and value. In addition to having sold hundreds of millions of apartments, homes and developments, he himself is an owner of an ever growing portfolio and so understands the nuances of a deal and how to best maximize the return on investment. Sean Perkin has represented people and companies from all walks of life. From the destitute home owner to individuals who run billion dollar companies, attorneys, CPA’s, business pro’s and entrepreneurs. He brings to every deal no matter the size a strategy for success.