Room 4 News

Issue 2.5

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Halloween Fun!

Social Studies

In Mrs. Barber's Social Studies class, students were given the opportunity to teach each other about explorers through a performance. Students were so excited to have the freedom to be creative.

Personal Narratives

The students in room 4 have much to be proud of. They wrote some pretty spectacular personal narratives. Below, students are working on the artwork for their special piece.

Thanksgiving Celebration

Our Thanksgiving Celebration was a hit. Students had a great time. It was really nice to get an opportunity to spend some quality time together and to just relax, socialize and eat. Thank you so much for sending in donations!


We've been pretty busy in science. Our unit on the solar system had many labs that required students to get up and moving.

Wrapping It Up!

In lieu of a test, students were asked to teach me all they've learned about the solar system. They worked in small groups to create a poster. This week, students will present to their classmates.


We kicked poetry off by reading some of our favorite poetry.

Reading Poetry

We also spent a lot of time reading and noticing things about poetry we like.

Poetry is Everywhere!

Once students started writing poetry, they soon noticed that poetry hides everywhere and often in ordinary things and events. We spent some time touring our school to get some writing ideas. Many students commented that there were so many things they never noticed before. Part of being a poet is paying attention to the world around you.


Much of our fraction unit was hands on. Students learned by manipulating pattern blocks in a partnership. There were many opportunities where students became the teacher and taught their classmates.

Christmas Party!

Students enjoyed a much deserved party. They really had a blast. Thank you to all parents who helped to make it a success!