Keep Your Head Up

smile it looks good on you

My Interests

-One Direction




In My Brain

I am right brain dominant.

Right side of the brain controls left side of the body, but I am ambidextrous.

I prefer visual instructions with examples.

I enjoy doing art and sports.

I enjoy clowning around.

Right brain dominant are not as good with numbers and remembering facts.

I have fun dreaming about things that will probably never happen.

I enjoy creative storytelling.

I can listen to music while studying.


Personality Type

I am the Orange personality type.

I am right brain dominant and very creative. I love music and can remember lyrics and tunes very easily. I am very artistic. I typically do not do well in the structured classroom where I have to do work by myself and sit quietly. I am a very social person, kind of like the blue personality type, but I like to be center of attention. I like to entertain and affect others socially, emotionally and/or spiritually. I can be dramatic and manipulative to get my way, which means I could be a great sales person, minister, or actress.


I love myself, and I wouldn't want to be anybody else.

I have some insecurities.

When I first meet somebody, I am usually very shy.

My Values





-One Direction





-My phone

-My things

My Hobbies



Spending time with friends and family


Being a Lady Goblin

Kuder Results

Future Education

4 or more years in college





Suggestions for Careers

My future career goal is to do one of the things above.






but out of ll those, I really want to be an actress.

Future Career Goal

My future career goal is to do one of the things above.

But out of all of those, I really want to be an actress

more than anything.

Characteristics of my Future Career


Thinking Creatively

Speech Clarity

English Language


Active Listening

My Desired Lifestyle

I just want to enjoy my life.

In the future, I want to be able to say that I enjoy my career, and that I am happy.

I want to be friends with everyone, and I want everyone to be friends with me.

Smiley Kylie

My whole world revolves around smiling. Not a minute goes by without me smiling, I love to smile, and I do it a lot.

Its good to smile though.

When I laugh with someone, I am always the last one laughing/smiling.