Bend Adventure Boot Camp

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This week at Bend Boot Camp

Have you signed up for your classes this week? If not, now is the time. Visit our schedule of classes at and click the "sign up" tab to reserve your spot.

6 am Women Only at Cascade Indoor Sports
9 am Total Body- Tuesday and Thursday at Cascade Indoor Sports
9am TRX Total Body class-Monday, Wednesday and Friday
5:30 pm Total Body class at Cascade Indoor Sports- Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

One more day to go for our water challenge

Our weekly challenge ends tomorrow. Although the challenge is over the hydration should not stop there. You guys have done an amazing job of staying hydrated this past week. We have received a ton of texts, e-mails and messages that you are completing your 90+ oz of water a day. For most, you are exceeding your goal.

One of our 6am athletes has a great way to keep track of her water intake. She has a certain number of rubber bands around her bottle to indicate when she has finished and then moves them up to the neck of the bottle to help keep track. This is a fantastic way to hold yourself accountable and keep track. Thank you Victoria C!

Winners will be announced later this week as we have that many texts, e-mails and messages that we now have to tally them all! Great job everyone!

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Canned Food Drive is going on!

Just a reminder that our canned food drive is currently underway. Make sure you are bringing in your non perishable cans of food or pet food so we can donate and helps those in need.

We will be giving away raffle tickets to all current athletes bringing in food to donate and some amazing prizes will be given away via raffle to who participate.

Also if you have a friend, family member or co-worker who has been wanting to check out a class, have them sign up for one FREE class by bringing a can of food to help us in our food drive. The FREE class drive is open to the community November 18-22nd.

Need an extra workout or Recipe idea?

If you ever are in a bind and can't make class, need an extra workout or are traveling check out my blog for weekly posts. There is a Workout Wednesday and a Food Friday post almost every week. New recipes, fun food ideas and new ways to take a workout on the road. Check it out at: