Q1 Workshop Follow-up

What a phenomenal day!

COMING UP - Quarter 2 Workshop

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 9am-3:30pm


Location TBD

BYOD (Bring your own device!)

More information here!


This blog post by Jennifer Gonzales addresses a topic that came up at our workshop, building executive function skills. This post (and podcast) share explicit strategies. Short on time? Listen to the podcast in your car or scroll straight down to the strategies! (I love #5 and #7)


Three Tasks prior to 11/12:

  • Connect to your staff - Turn-key Workshop material! Encourage your staff to reach out to you directly with questions and for resources.
  • Connect to your focus group - You all have plans to connect with your small groups about what you are trying out in your practice!
  • Connect to our community - Join our online group, and check in/contribute once a week at least.

**If you are one of those who are attending the make up session for the workshop, no action need be taken until we meet on 10/23! :)