Lackland (Basic Military Training)

Kila White


Air Force officials are changing training for Air Force basic training after Micah Schindler, 18 years of age dies after a 5.8-mile march. Schindler died Sunday after having a heart stroke, two days after he passed out.

Basic Airman Steven Williams died Wednesday after running a 1.5 mile run. It was his last PT for basic training graduation.

He complained of feeling faint Wednesday morning after the final PT test. Later fell unconscious.

was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

15 Airman died at Lackland in over the years.

Airman Basic Megan J. Victory, complained of cold and flu symptoms. June 22nd she died the next week.

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Col. Eisen said investigators will study ways of making training safer. The Air Force replied they will not change the tough physical training for AF basic training

New Rules

New rules have been instructed to provide immediate medical care for recruits who show symptoms of becoming ill during P.T. ( Physical Training ).