The month that was..

January, 2016.


MB Titanium! Ta-da!

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AGM Times!

The Annual General Body Meeting, 2015, to one more brilliant start of the year.

Abhyuday has been successfully & officially discharged, then comes One Emblem who got ratified and took charge!

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It has been a very thoughtful and a tutoring first month. Contributions, experiences and lessons, here's how it was..

GCs - External Market

The Wolf Pack

  • 5 Raises.
  • 1 Match.
  • 4 Campus Ambassadors has been set up in JNTU-K.
  • 29 Recruitment forms has been sold.

  • External event in pipeline
  • UR with SUN in pipeline
  • Stall space to promote GCP at JNTUK in an external event

GCs - Internal Market


  • 1 Raise.

  • Online magazine for GCP in progress
  • Appointment of CAs in process
  • 1 External Event under discussion



  • 1 match in progress.
  • 1st realization in Feb 1st week.
  • 2 projects in pipeline.
  • LC - LC Partnerships in pipeline
  • Partnership with startup village and rotary club is in progress.



  • 1 Match
  • 3 potential Raises.


The Incredibles!

Venues Established:
  • 1 Recruitment Venue.
  • 1 LCM Venue, year long.
  • 1 AGM Venue.
  • 1 MB Induction Venue.

  • GC Conclave and LTS venues in pipeline.
  • Partnership with UBER in pipeline.


The Illuminati

  • 1 HR Newsletter
  • 1 Online Campaign for Recruitment - Experience Can't Be Studied
  • 1 Internal Mailer for Republic Day
  • 1 Monthly Newsletter

  • Membership Evaluation Tracker in place for tracking JDs, Culture & T vs A of GB
  • Grievance Portal for membership to lodge complaints & grievances.
  • Membership cleaning & Exit Interviews in process
  • LC Centric Resource Hub where all resources of the LC can be found & used by membership. (Will be launched once all resources have been segregated accordingly)


OC Akatsuki

  • 2 Online Campaigns Released - We are all stories & Be A Superhero.
  • Amount Raised - Rs.15,000/-
  • 168 forms' sales.

  • Venue Partner established in synergy with ER - Prism Degree and PG college
  • Print Media - partnered with Andhra Voice
  • Food Partner - Fruit Tree
  • Logistics Partner in pipeline.
  • Promotions done in DSNLU and GVP (Engineering).

Excent (GC Conclave)

The Snipers

  • 30,000 in pipeline.
  • 1 partnership established with VLCC


  • Market research being conducted on potential delegates

60 more days..

This is how the first month ended.

We've learnt in January. Let's implement in February and give March a cherishing end to the Quarter.

And, special appreciation to The Wolf Pack and Akatsuki for inspiring the Local Committee by achieving more than 90% of their monthly targets.