Being Safe Online



  1. Avoid Chat Rooms - Stranger Danger is on the internet too!
  2. Do not respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make me feel uncomfortable.
  3. Create Effective Passwords - Protect your accounts!
  4. Not everything you read online is true. From rumors to homework resources, no one is fact-checking the Internet for accuracy
  5. Protect yourself and avoid bad websites
  6. Screen Name. When creating your screen name, do not include personal information like your last name or date of birth
  7. Don’t agree to meet an online friend unless you have your parents’ permission.
  8. When researching for a project talk to your librarian, teacher or parent about safe and accurate websites for research.
  9. Bullying. Don’t send or respond to mean or insulting messages.
  10. Don’t share your password with anyone
  11. Always be wary of strangers
  12. Don't say something online you would say to their face
  13. When you're unsure ask an adult
  14. Don't open emails from unknown people. That is a good way to get a virus.
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Don't Be A Bully!

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