Aviation Reproduction Demo

How to cut and drill material using machinery

Date: May 30

Time of Demo: 2:15p.m.

Description of Activity: Cutting and Drilling metal

This task will show you the tools and processes required to cut and drill a piece of metal. so skills that are required in accomplishing this task are measuring skills, to be able to measure and mark where the cuts and holes will be before you start, as well as tool use knowledge to be able to complete the process in a timely manor.


I chose this task because it is an essential skill that is needed to be able to work in this industry. this skill is also used the most for the work to assemble the trainers.

Details of Activity:

1.plan what metal and dimensions you are going to use
2.Find the metal you need
3.Measure out where you are going to cut the material
4.Place the material in the band saw and start cutting
5.Measure and mark where you want to drill the holes
6.Use a punch and punch the place you marked
7.Put the material in the clamp of the drill press
8.Set up the drill press over the mark
9.Add coolant to the punched are and the drill bit
10.Start the drill press and drill till through
11.Remove from clamp and clean

Required materials:

-Drill bits
-Measuring tape
-drill press/drill
-center punch
-Horizontal Band saw

Specific instruction:

Bring safety glasses

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