Judith Mondragon

Egg project

Day one 12-07-15

  • If my best friend tells me that she’s pregnant I would tell her that when did this happen?how did she find out?who is the father?and afterwards congratulate her and tell her I can’t wait for the baby.

  • The options I would say to help her through the situation is that it will be a beautiful baby and that I would be there whenever she tells her parents and they reject her or get her in trouble.

  • I would tell somebody else but someone that I trust not just a person that I know will begin a chain of gossip.

  • She’s my bestfriend I would totally support on whatever she decides to do.But, if she decides to abort the child I would not be too happy with her because I mean it’s a baby.

Day two 12-08-15

  • What it would be like in my family once they knew I had a “egg-baby” as I visit them it would be strange. Because my aunts and uncles would be like,”Porque estas cargando un huevo contigo y porque tiene una cara y pelo? (why are you carrying an egg with you and why does it have a egg? ) and they would start asking too many questions. They also would ask who’s the father and why do I have to do this. My cousins would be childish and try to play with it and throw it around,which it would be a danger if I had an actual kid. At the end, I wouldn’t leave my egg anywhere because someone may just eat it or drop it.

Day three 12-09-15

  • I would win the battle of staying home and watch the baby because at the end it’s my responsibility and I know my baby better than my parents or any friend that may offer to take care of my baby.

  • If I stay and took care of my baby, I would ask my neighbors or any relatives near me if they can take me and my baby to the doctor.If they couldn’t, i’ll have to take a bus or go walking.If I can’t do that then i’ll probably wouldn't go and just wait for my mom.

Day four 12-10-15

  • The relatives or family members that would go with me would be my cousins and my mom and sisters obviously.

  • The agenda for that day would be just to have fun and not waste a lot of money.

  • The baby would affect me going to rides by me having to worry about who is going to care for the baby and that I can probably come out dizzy and not be able to hold my baby.

  • This will change the way I select the rides because I want a ride that I could take my baby with me and it won’t be dangerous.

Day five 12-11-15

  • A mother shouldn’t give up her job to stay with her children because if she’s a single mother how can she afford to pay what her kid needs and to afford paying bills of the house they are sleeping in.

  • A mother is usually the best parent to stay home because they know their baby mostly than the father.Plus, the father is like the usually that brings in the money and takes care of the family he has

  • Its up to the kid who he or she would want to stay with.If they kid was a baby then it should stay with whoever takes care of the baby more.

Day six 12-12-15

  • I wasn’t perfect but I think I did a good job taking care of it.I really got to attached to it,and wouldn’t let nobody touch it and well I got nervous if it was okay and if it was still alive. In conclusion, I really do not want a baby until I have find a stable home and a great husband to help me with my baby.

  • The most troublesome times during the carrying of the egg what who to actually trust with my baby and who I can trust to take care of my baby.I also had to know when I had to feed it,how to hold it correctly,and when to bathe it or it’s nap time.Everything was stressful because I didn't had a clue being a parent for the first time.