New Mexico

Facts about New Mexico

State facts

  • The capital name is Santa Fe.
  • The largest city is Albuquerque.
  • Population is 2,087,035
  • The name residents is New Mexican
  • State abbreviation is N.M or NM
  • State nickname is Land of Enchantment
  • State motto is Crescit Eundo

State symbols

State flag

The state flag symbols is the red sun. The colors honor the flag of Catalonia. Who design the flag they had a context who had the good design Dr Harry Mesa of Santa Fe ,won the flag of New Mexico.

New Mexico map and bordering state

The bordering is Arizona, California,Texas ,and Mexico. The New Mexico map is southwestern and western region.

State history of New Mexico

History of New Mexico. When did it became a state January 6,1912 when it was war world 2.The Europeans is Spanish and the major historical

he Spanish first came to New Mexico in 1541. In 1598, the first Spanish colonial settlement, San Juan de los Caballeros, was founded in what is now northern New Mexico. The Spanish also established missions, some with beautiful churches and artwork, throughout the area. In 1706, settlers founded Albuquerque, named for the Spanish Duke de Alburquerque. For over 500 years, Hispanic culture has influenced how New Mexicans work, play and live.

Today, visitors can feel the vibrant Hispanic traditions across the state. From the food to the language and from the festivals to the arts and crafts, Hispanic culture is here for everyone to savor.

Famous from New Mexico

There are 24 person that is famous. There name is Jace Norman was a actor in T.V there age is 14 year old . Anna Gunn she is a actress there age is 46 year old . Hank Basket is a football player his age is 32 year old. Rodent William is a artist his age is 71 year old.

Places to visit/thing to do