Nba players of 2013-2014 season so

Top 5 players

1.) Paul George

Paul George is only 23 years old and is one of the 3 MVP canidates. He has carried the Indiana Pacers to the best record in the nba so far, with a record of 31-7. He is my favorite player in the league. Being one of the lockdown defenders in the league, and averaging about 25 points, 4 assists and 7 rebounds per game.

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No 2. Lebron James

2.) Lebron James

Lebron James is among the best in the Nba, being one of the 3 MVP canidates.

He has two Championship titles. He has won back to back championships in 2012 and 2013.

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3.) Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has been among the top scorers in the league ever since 2009. He averages about 28 points per game and is among the best in the league currently.

4.) Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is One of the deadliest 3-point shooters in nba history. Setting a record at most 3-pointers in a regular season, with 272 3-pointers! He isn't just a shooter though, he has great handles, quickness, and a great passing ability.
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5.) Tony Parker

Tony Parker is the starting point guard for the San antonio spurs and among the best point guards in the league. He has 3 championship rings and has played for the spurs for his entire career so far. Averaging about 17 points, 6 assists, and 2 rebounds.

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