Bernice Hart ECP Elementary School

Where students are prepared for college & life

Hart ROCKETS are:






TEAM worker who is

SUCCESSFUL at everything we do!


Mrs. Tosh (Principal)







I believe in treating all individuals with respect and courtesy. I strive to live my life with a positive attitude while being honest and believing in the goodness of others. I strive each day to be courteous, polite, good-natured and respectful. I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and patience.

Mrs. Cynthia Jackson (Assistant Principal)


Maximizer, Belief, Relator, Competition, Arranger

Mrs. Jackson planns and leads effective professional development and meeting, leading from a place of values and integrity. She is able to push while encouraging teachers and staff beyond comfort levels, ensuring their success.

Mr. Ricardo Gonzalez-Gurza (Assistant Principal and 3rd Grade Specialist)


Analytical - This strength allow me to find patterns and connections while I use information. I like to think thoroughly on the needs on the campus and find logical ways to address them. I observe the systems in place and try to improve them as possible. The staff problems and interactions are always analyzed by me and I find the ways to create a better and healthy campus culture.

Responsibility - I am committed to my work feel ownership of everything that happens on the campus. Try to teach with example and foster responsibility on my staff and students.

Strategic - My engineer background is always present on my thinking and I am ready to create new plans for the needs that might arise on campus. I am a born problem solver that can’t surrender and be defeated by any problem or task.

Achiever- I am always looking for new things to be done in benefit of the school. I can’t stay steady in the comfort zone and feel good about it. There is always room for improvement and innovation in education.

Belief- My moral beliefs and ethics are strong, this is also one thing I expect from educators and students. A system need to follow ethic rules to be successful and dependable. I believe in people and their strengths and I help them to use them in the school benefit.