Jarkko Mylläri Bio & CV

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From teaching to research and teacher training, to pedagogical ICT support and learning environment development - collaboration and learning across all borders

The early years (1971-1991)

Currently I work as a Learning Environment Developer for the City of Kauniainen, in southern Finland. However, I was born 44 years ago in Ivalo, a small village 190 miles North from the Polar Circle, in the Finnish Lapland.

The student teacher years (1992-2005)

In 1992 I moved from Sodankylä village, where I spent my early youth, to the Helsinki area to earn my master’s degree in education, with the passionate plan to simultaneously study computer based fields of multimedia and music production as well as to work as a teacher at any given chance.

When I handed back my thesis on collaborative digital knowledge building in 2006, or "finally " as some would say, I was quite immediately offered research work at the University of Helsinki. With great curiosity I took the chance of switching from classroom work of a teacher over to research and teacher training.

The researcher years (2006-2014)

My research background and expertise in the theoretical aspects of using ICT in education are based on performing educational research in various ICT related projects for the Teacher Education Department at the University of Helsinki.

These projects are characteristically focused on interventions and experiments in the classroom during and the everyday life, schoolwork and technology environments of Finnish schools.

THE research on learning - THE tools of schools

My research focuses/ passions are collaborative knowledge building, pedagogical ICT support and process evaluation of learning. As a teacher trainer my specialities are the pedagogical use of ICT and the creation of digital and online content and documentation. I've also handled topics of such online instruction and gamification of learning. I've also had the priviledge of collaborating with companies (e.g. Rovio) for authentic piloting and evaluation of digital learning tools, games and materials.

Intereuropean, International and Intercity Collaboration FTW!

In addition to leading the above mentioned field work in research, I've gained practical experience and real-life skills of using ICT in educational settings by just working; First for the inter European and international research projects, but more recently for the city of Kauniainen in designing and providing pedagogical ICT support in the schools of basic education.

The latter activity was started in 2011 and has since then expanded from the project based learning of one elementary school, to addressing the needs of the whole city’s education and culture services. I would say that it, just like everything in my professional profile, has decisively benefitted from the proceeding, international collaboration experiences, which carry strong elements of international and global perspective over to the ways in which I think about education and learning - now and in the future.

THE L.E.D Years and the Future - the 360 degrees of Learning (2015-2016-...)

So, this latest revision of my professional profile includes sustained collaboration with kindergartens and early education, library services, adult education center, city administration as well as the culture, youth, and leisure services.

One additional strand of sustained collaboration is between the city of Kauniainen and the University of Helsinki. Here, I'm finalizing my doctoral dissertation about digital tools in process based evaluation and assessment, while providing teacher training on a course of online education, in return of student field training periods at the Kauniainen city schools and pre-schools.

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