Math Empowers Parents

Middletown Township Public Schools

Grades 3-5~2nd Trimester 2017-2018

Math Empowers Parents, Grades 3-5 is a triannual newsletter for parents of children in third, fourth, and/or fifth grades. This publication will include information on how parents can support and foster the love of math at home.

Winter Math Activities

Stuck at home on a cold snowy day? Here are some great activities you can try with your child!

  • Keep track of the daily temperature and create a graph to show the changing temperatures over the week, the month or the winter season.
  • Estimate how much snow will fall in a given week or maybe by the end of winter. Keep track of the actual snow and compare your estimate to the total amount.
  • During a snow day, measure the snow hourly and estimate the total snow fall by the end of the day.

Praise and Intelligence

Click here to read more about the pitfalls of praising your child for their intelligence. Here are more effective ways to praise your child.

Number Sense

Watch the video below to learn more about how being flexible with numbers is an important part of having number sense.
18 x 5


Join the Movement! Making a commitment to growth as a family can be a GAME CHANGER...but how can this be done? Start a journey to achieve a growth mindset together. Instead of saying, “I’m not good at math”, embrace your failure. Remember that making mistakes actually helps your brain grow.

Click here to watch a video and take a pledge together with your family members - you’re on your way!

Questions regarding the growth mindset culture? Want more information? Contact Abby Friend, Nut Swamp Elementary Math Specialist

Table Talk Math

Here is a fun activity to try with your child:

Ask your child to pick a number, any whole number, from 1 through 1,000. After asking ten questions, you would be able to share what number was chosen.

The challenge is solved using something called exponential decay. 2 to the tenth power is 1,024, so each time you ask a question, you can remove the other "half" of responses. Here is a sample:

1. Is your number less than 500? Yes. Subtract 250.
2. Is your number less than 250? No. Add 125.
3. Is your number greater than 375? Yes. Add 62 (since half of 125 is 61.5, round to the nearest even number).
4. Is your number greater than 437? No. Subtract 31.
5. Is your number less than 406? No. Add 16 (same reason as step 3).
6. Is your number less than 422? Yes. Subtract 8.
7. Is your number less than 414? No. Add 4.
8. Is your number less than 418? Yes. Subtract 2.
9. Is your number less than 416? Yes. Subtract 1.
10. Is your number greater than 414? Yes.
Your number was 415.

This works every time! Now try it out with your child and see. If your child is K-3, you may want to do all the guessing, but if they are older, switch roles and see if they can guess it in 10 or less!

Three Ways to Treat and Cure FoMA using Dreambox

"FoMO" or "fear of missing out" has become an official term now, according to Miriam Webster. FoMA is a term that Dreambox has come up with that means "fear of math assignments". It's that paralyzing anxiety that parents and guardians of elementary school-aged children sometimes experience when their kids ask for help with their math homework. Click here to find out ways to work through this FoMA.

Erin Carmody

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

MIddletown Village/New Monmouth Elementary Schools

Elizabeth Cassidy

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Middletown Village Elementary School