Saving Energy

Saving energy in homes, schools, and communities.

Why is saving energy important?

Saving energy is important because without energy we could not use the things that we use now without it. We would run out of heat, electricity, and air conditioning. Energy is so important we all must do our part to make sure it doesn't run out in the places we need it most. We need energy for our ovens, toasters, refrigerators, grocery stores, and lights, as well a many other electrical appliances. Without energy our world would not be the same, that is why saving energy is important.

How to save energy in the home:

To save energy in the home, I suggest we use solar panels. They make energy during the day, and we only have to use the city's power at night, when we use energy the least. To help out the solar panels I think we should always shut off the lights before we leave the house, and before we go to bed.
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How to save energy at school:

To save energy at school, I suggest we use windmills to preserve energy. It doesn't need any fuel to work and provides energy nearly every day. On a blustery day we could get tons of energy just from the wind, and so we would save energy by doing this. In addition to the windmills we cold stop using the computer lab, and just use our tablets. Instead of charging our tablets at school (like most people do), charge them at home to preserve the school's energy.

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How to save energy in the community:

My Idea for saving energy in the community is to use hydroelectric power. We could hook it up in a lake or large pond and use it to give energy to the community. We would just have to build a hydroelectric power station to give us energy. In addition to the power station we could ride the bus to school and other places to save energy.
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