Who is the Executive Branch?

A short intro on the Excutive Branch

The Executive Branch is the president the only way you could join the Executive Branch is if you meet these criteria's you must be a natural born citizen of America, must be at least 35 years of age or older.

Why we Need the Executive Branch

The reason we need the Executive Branch who would run our country and keep us maintainable to keep us calm. The Executive Branch or the president is the chief of the army who would know how to run the army better then the president. The reason he would be the best for the chief of the army is because some people may not know this out there but there are certain restrictions out there for the army and I'm sure the president Is one of the best people out there that know those restrictions. That's the reason why the president would be the best chief for the army, that's all I have on the Executive Branch hope you enjoy

White House

This is where all of the laws meetings and other stuff happen,All 3 of he branchs are located in the white house.
Article II for Dummies: The Executive Branch Explained