Science and Technology's Semi-Regular Department Newsletter

January 6, 2016

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IT'S 2016!

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Dawn Kanaszka is leaving the day to day operations of our Madison Science and Technology family. We will all miss Dawn, but are very happy for her as she and her husband begin the next phase of their lives in sunny South Carolina.

South Carolina? Why?!

Why not? Steve and I have been going to SC for over 10 years and we have some really great friends there. We always wanted to move down there, and now the time was right. Steve is going to be starting his own business and I had an opportunity at a local high school to teach Biology.

3 things we didn't know about Dawn?

I'm crazy about motorcycles, I love to travel, and I can't wait to be a grandmother!

What are you going to miss about Madison?

The people I work with of course! (And having common lunch where we can eat together as a group!)

When we come visit should we bring a tent or a hammock?

A hammock. Plenty of palm trees to string it between.

Please think of your own caption for the picture - let's share out when we have the department lunch with Dawn!


I have been informed that QSAC is happening in Madison on January 28th. I am waiting confirmation that this is the date of the facilities walk-through as well, or if this is just the curricular piece.

Either way, we need to ensure that we are prepared. I have shared a checklist document with you through Google Classroom. Please use it to inspect your classrooms and identify things that we need to address. Please complete this as soon as you are able (use your Science NID, etc.) but definitely get it done by 1/25.

Other QSAC information (documents from the DOE) are in our shared folder here.

More information is likely to follow from your building principals.


At our last department meeting I indicated I wanted to hear the questions you may still have about NGSS.

Please add your questions to this Padlet. If you have the same question as someone else, please still post it - that way I have an idea of what the most common questions are!

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NJDOE Workshops

As I mentioned in the last department meeting, I would like to send each of you to the state science coordinator's curriculum workshop for your content area. It would be best if we went together in our cohorts.

The travel request process has changed, so I will take care of creating the excel request form for you. Talk with your content area partners and pick a workshop to go to. Then go the this Google Form and fill it out for me so I can get the ball rolling.

NJDOE Workshops

Go to: for more information.

Translating the Biology Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

February 18: Trenton - Register by 2/4/16

Translating the Chemistry Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

March 4: Trenton - Register by 2/19/16

Translating the Physics Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

February 12: Trenton – Register by 1/29/16

March 22: East Orange – Register by 3/8/16

Translating Capstone Earth & Space Sciences Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

March 1: Trenton - Register by 2/16/16

Translating Middle School Earth&Space Sciences Model Sci Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

No workshops currently listed

Translating Middle School Life Science Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

January 15: Trenton – Register by 1/8/16

Translating Middle School Physical Science Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

January 27: Trenton – Register by 1/13/16

February 26: East Orange - Register by 2/12/16

Inheritance and Variation of Traits for teachers in grade 3

No workshops currently listed

Interdependent Relationships; & Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems for Grades K, 2, 3, &5

February 9: East Orange - Register by 1/26/16

February 19: Trenton - Register by 2/5/16

Structure, Function and Information Processing for teachers in grades 1 and 4

March 2: East Orange - Register by 2/16/16

March 21: Trenton - Register by 3/7/16