3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending November 14, 2014

A Note from Mrs. Adams

After being off a full week, the kids really got into gear quickly! They didn't need a big transition time to get back into the swing of things. What a group!!!

We worked on so many important skills this week, especially in math. We are learning two of the biggest skills in the Common Core, area and perimeter. These can be very tricky and easily confused, so any guidance you can give your child at home would be helpful. Here are the rules:

PERIMETER: Add all the sides of the polygon. (If it's a square and only one side is labeled, all four sides will have the same measurement since all sides are equal in squares.)

AREA: Multiply length times width. If they do not know how to multiply the numbers, they can add groups. (ie. If it's a 5 x 7 box, they can add the number 5 seven times.)

I hope this helps clear up any confusion your child may have!

We just started our multiplication mad minute fact tests. It started with 0 and 1, and if they got them all right, they moved onto the 2's. Each fact test will be given weekly and if passed with complete accuracy, they will move on to the next fact. This will go through the 12's. The children will be given 2 minutes to complete the mad minute fact tests (with some exceptions).

FYI, there will be a vocabulary test on Monday for the 8 words from lesson 6. These words are found on the "Focus Wall" and also on my eboard under the "vocabulary words" (found on the main page).

Finally, the school is asking for donations for Thanksgiving meals. Third grade is assigned "pasta" donations, so feel free to bring in any type of pasta throughout the next week and a half. Thanks!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Kahoot is Kahool!!!

Ask your child about Kahoot!!! It's a fun, interactive, and engaging "game show" on the smartboard and iPads that we use to review math. The kids team up and answer math questions to earn points. They love the competition to try to be the first to answer correctly! They are excited to practice area and perimeter. I plan to use Kahoot for other subjects besides math. The excitement has never been higher!!!!

Math Movement

We worked on moving during math this week (as we all know how important movement is, especially when we are learning!) They had to find the area and perimeter of the floor tile squares and rectangles made with tape. They also worked in small groups, on iPads, and playing new card math games (where they each pick a card and have to find the area of a rectangle with those two cards' measurements). Moving in math is fun!

Bus Safety with Kindergarten Buddies

Presenting our Star Student: Erin!