InTheLoop - May 23 to May 27

BCS Lumberton's Weekly News - Editor, D. O'Brien

Main office

  • J. Kamau, Principal
  • M. Castellane, Supervisor of Education
  • R. McGill, Secretary

Our Mission:

"We provide students with the abilities and skills to cultivate independence, build character and empower them to reach their highest potential.”

We are a team of highly supportive and trained professionals defeating daily challenges like superheroes!

May 23 to 27

1. Prom is tonight at the Mansion!

2. Sign in and out daily. Swipe in and out daily.

3. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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TED Talks

Culinary Arts


Friday- blt wrap whips pickle

Carrot cake assorted cookies


Stuffed pepper soup

Chicken Caesar salad

Tuesday –closed

Wednesday- chicken bacon bbq wrap with fries

Thursday- cheese steak quesadilla rice

Fri-cheese burgers and fries


Monique Knighton: May 9

CJ DeSopo: May 15


Positive Behavior Support Program - Easy as A-B-C

What Will I Earn Through the ABC Program?
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Jermaine Kamau - School Principal

For over a decade I have served as a school administrator in Trenton, Newark and now in Southern New Jersey. My personal passion for education began with me mentoring students while in college and currently has me serving as a high school principal of an alternative school for academically and emotionally challenged students. It is a fact that without a proper and effective education one's life has serious limitations. That's why it is critical that I create space for opportunities and make room for changes when needed. Many of my students have been put out of their district school for a number of reasons, my job is to remind them of their worth and challenge them to be their best each day.