Brooke Elementary News

School Opening - First Week Plans

WELCOME Back to School!

It is exciting to be able to welcome all staff and students and families back into our schools. I am looking forward to building positive relationships with you all.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email, call or stop in to see me at the school!

OPENING DAY Procedures

Kindergarten students will line up outside by the mural. Our Kindergarten teachers will greet the children and escort them into the classrooms. They only attend for 45 minutes on the first day.

Returning students will be returning to their last year's classrooms on the first day. Please line up at your Pod doors. Students will be dismissed from these doors at the end of the day.

New students, please enter the school by the front doors. If you have already registered you will be taken to a classroom to work with students from your grade level. We will take registration for additional students at the front office and ensure that these children also join a class as soon as possible.

Get to know the Staff:

Don't forget to be a Bucket-Filler!

Safety Reminders - Allergy Alerts

Parents are reminded that your child may be in a grouping with a child who has severe life threatening food allergies. Because of this we are asking that parents not send food to school that contains any kind of nut or shellfish. Once classes are settled we will let you know, by letter, if your child is in a class for the year where certain foods need to be restricted.