19th Century France

Arranged Marriges

During this time period many if not all marriages were arranged by the parents. These marriages were arranged with economic difficulties in mind, and people married others in their social class. Marriages were arranged with mutual friends to get the best results.

Social Classes


During this time period the upper class has formed into a mix a the nobles who inherited their wealth and the new rich people rising to this class. Aristocrats knew that they were on top and that they were admired, so they tended to show off.

Many of the aristocrats were land owners and entrepreneurs. Some of these people simply inherited their wealth, being relative to royalty or something similar.

Aristocrats typically ate of the finest things and lives some of the finest lifestyles. Some aristocrats spent up to $10,000 a year on meats.

They had a good education since they could afford to be taught.

French Bourgeoisie

The most dominant of the classes these people tried to work with the mind rather that the body. For example, people would become bankers or money lenders. People also took up the positions of doctors, engineers, chemists, or merchants.

A large portion of these people's money went into their dining. They would spend days preparing big dinners with several courses. They lived comfortably often hiring maids and servants to work around the house.

These people could afford to be taught and most were literate.


This was the lower class of people consisting of laborers and people who worked with the body. They lived close to one another, and were substantial enough to keep everything moving.

These people consisted of farmers, laborers, and servants and maids. Many of them had little to no literacy, and just learned enough to get by. They farmed to eat , and many people barely had enough to buy food.