My Passion For Baseball

Jacob Allred


“Boy you’re done with baseball aren’t ya”. I said no sir the only way you’re going to get me to stop playing baseball is by cutting off my arms

An excerpt from my memoir

. The pitcher started his windup and I loaded up ready to smash the ball. The major rule when you’re batting is to watch the ball hit the bat I was pretty good at making sure I followed that rule. As the pitcher was releasing the ball I heard somebody scream don’t screw up. I never figured out who said that I think it was just some guy walking around the park but I don’t know. By the time the person had finished his sentence it was time for me to swing. All I remember was swinging at the ball then everything went black I was out cold.

Overcoming fear

This experience changed me more mentally than physically. I promised myself that on my first game back i wouldn't let it bother me but every time I swung you could just see the fear in me