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I know last week did not go as planned but out of everything COVID has taught me, it's to enjoy slowing down and enjoying the time we have together with our loved ones. I'm glad that we were safe and will appreciate our time together even more.

Picture retakes are on Thursday, February 25th. If you plan on retaking your picture, you must bring back your original packet on picture day. If you missed getting your picture taken, you can also get them taken this day as well. There are two other options that you can also choose from: class composites and yearbooks. More information has been shared on our facebook and website.

  • Yearbooks can be ordered on this link by using this code 54174J: Yearbook The deadline to order is March 1st and is $10.
  • Class Composites are now available to order. Get yours today at Use Order Code 57645CQ. These are available until March 10th at 11:59 PM.


I am excited to announce that the Community Action Food Bank has reached out to Kenwood and will be offering free food boxes to the first 120 families this Thursday, February 25th from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Each food box contains meat, produce, and dairy products. Here are the procedures for picking up your food box:

  • Please drive in the east driveway (1st grade pick up). There will be a refrigeration truck. Stay in your vehicle. Someone will come to your vehicle and put two boxes of food inside. Then we ask you to drive on through to your child's dismissal spot. The food will be a gallon of milk, a 10 lb tube of ground beef, a box of produce, and another box of chicken or other meat item. It will be on a first come first serve basis as we have only 120 boxes to distribute.

Spring Program Attire

Due to Covid, this year's concerts will be pre-recorded. Links will be shared when they are complete. Rehearsals begin the first week in March and recording days at the Merryman Performing Arts Center will be:

March 4: Grades 2 and 3

March 8: Grades 4 and 5 (AM) and grades K and 1 (PM)

We as that students dress in this attire on these recording days:

K/1 - Pajamas. Slippers or Tennis Shoes for footwear. No opened toed Shoes.

2nd and Third Grade - Specific colored T shirt. There can be designs/pictures on the shirt as long as the majority of the shirt is the specific color and is school appropriate. Please wear jeans, khakis, black leggings or skirts. For girls, colored dress acceptable. Tennis shoes and flats. No heels or open toed shoes.

Buss - Red

Birdwell - Yellow

Gilbreath - Blue

Luedke - Orange

Hogeland - Green

Mundorf - Purple

4th and 5th Grade - Black and White T - Shirt. There can be designs as long as the majority of the shirt is black/white and the shirt is school appropriate. Please wear jeans, khakis, black leggings or skirt. For girls, black or white dress is acceptable. Tennis shoes and flats. No heels or open toed shoes.

5th Grade - Black T Shirts

4th Grade - White T Shirts

If parents have concerns about not being able to get the specific color of shirt for their child's program attire, Mrs. Fruhling has said that she can help out in finding shirts for students. We would need to know the size and color needed at least a week before the recording date. Please contact Mr. Consbruck @ or through REMIND about clothes or any other program related questions.

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Feb. 25-Picture retake day

March 1-4-Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Week

March 4th-2nd & 3rd grade music program recording at MPAC in the afternoon

March 8th-4th & 5th grade music program recording at MPAC in the morning, Kindergarten & 1st grade music program recording at MPAC in the afternoon, PTO Meeting IN PERSON in the art room at 7 PM

March 9th-4th grade Archway Virtual Field Trip in the morning

March 10th-No school-Professional Development

March 15-19th--No school-Spring Break

February Birthdays


1-Landon T., Adyn Z.

2-Brandon L.

3-Schylar P.

6-Braylin S., Maeleigh W.

10-Dawson C., Roman S., Jaelynn S.

11-Regan S.

13-Andrew S.

14-Londyn J.

15-Jurzeeh L., Henson H.

16-Auvie M.

18-Brody H., Austin P.

22-Micah G., Emberley C.

23-Trevor S.

27-Malcom L.

28-Livvy J.




Thank you all who have already participated in parent-teacher conferences. We pride ourselves in building and maintaining positive relationships with our students' parents. We also know that it takes a team to help our young ones grow. There is still one more evening for conferences (Monday, February 15th) so please sign up if you haven't yet.

This week is a short week for our students. We will have school on Monday and Tuesday. The teachers will have professional development on Wednesday all day and then get Thursday and Friday off as compensation days for conferences. This would be a great time to make appointments or take that short vacation you've been wanting. This helps to not disturb the flow of learning.

A HUGE "SHOUT OUT" to our Kenwood PTO! They continue to support us relentlessly! This week we had pizza, tacos, and sloppy joes along with salads, drinks, and desserts. THANK YOU ALL for keeping us fed during our conference evenings. We genuinely appreciate it so much! *A special shout out to Julie Thomsen, Courtney Sanford, and Leslie Smith for organizing the sign up, getting the food prepared, and cleaning up. You all ROCK!

Conferences will be held via zoom unless special circumstances call for an in person conference.

Feb. 15th 4-8:30 PM

Use this link to sign up for your child's teacher (sign up link) OR contact Mrs. Feddersen to sign up for you. (308-698-8200)

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Order this year's yearbook for $10.

Deadline is March 1st.

Order online using the code 54174J at

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February is Black History Month

February 15th--Parent-Teacher Conferences (via zoom), Tar Wars Presentation via zoom for 5th grade

February 17--No school, Professional Development Day

February 18-19-No school, conference compensation days

February 25th-Picture retakes


This week we celebrated the 100th Day of School on Thursday, February 5th! I'm pretty sure I've shared my excitement over and over again about us being in school (in person). Hundreds of thousands of schools across the nation are trying to reopen as we speak and I see us as the "trailblazers" for opening school safely during this pandemic. WE HAVE PERSEVERED! I can't thank the parents, teachers, staff, and students enough for doing their part. This is not over but we know that we can sustain this until we get back to "green". I peeked again at the district's dial and we are closer to green than to the orange. This is great news BUT it doesn't mean we let our guard down. We will continue to use our protocols here at school and hope that you'd do the same at home. If anyone in your household is getting tested for covid, please keep the siblings home until a negative test is confirmed. We truly appreciate your support in this!

Parent-Teacher conferences begin this week on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Please use this the link below or contact Mrs. Feddersen at 308-698-8200 to set it up for you. The teachers will send out their zoom links as a reminder. When conducting your conferences, we ask that you be in a quiet place with no children around so both the teacher and the parent(s) can be focused on the information shared. We want these conferences to be successful for all involved.

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Our students were ready to come back after the long four day weekend. I know it's difficult to stay in a routine during those days. I always loved staying up late if we knew we didn't have school ahead of time and sleeping in. Most students can handle and regulate those changes while others have more difficulty. If you notice these difficulties, please keep them to as normal as a schedule as possible. We really appreciate it!

While we didn't get to start kindergarten breakfast in the cafeteria that we had liked, we will begin on Monday. Kindergartners will enter through the same doors, put their items on their desks, and go to the cafeteria to eat. It is NECESSARY for them to be here at 7:45 AM to give them enough time to eat breakfast. Anytime after that, you're taking a risk of them not making it in time to eat. We do not want to turn down any students who are hungry but if it becomes a recurring issue, the teacher will contact you to get them here earlier. Thank you for your help on this! I'm sure you know how long it takes little ones to eat! (haha)

Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up. Use this link to our Sign Up Genius for Parent-Teacher Conferences. We'd like to get 100% participation.

February 9th--4:00-9:00 PM

February 11th-4:00-8:30 PM

February 15th-4:00-8:30 PM

We moved our 100 Days of School to this Thursday, February 4th. We can't believe that we've been IN SCHOOL for this long. I remember how excited I was after ten days! Let's keep it rolling!

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February is Black History Month: the celebration of African American history, contributions, and achievements that’s recognized annually across the United States and Canada.

For teachers, it’s a great opportunity to teach with intention, honoring the tradition and showing students its importance, along with the importance of Black history and culture.

And this year, it's more important than ever to uphold this tradition and celebrate Black history.

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February is Black History Month

February 4-100 Days of School

February 9, 11, and 15th--Parent-Teacher Conferences (via zoom)

February 17--No school, Professional Development Day

February 18-19-No school, conference compensation days

Kenwood School Song

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Mrs. Clevenger

Hello! My name is Jill Clevenger and I have the best job of being a principal at Kenwood Elementary. For sixteen years I've worked at Kenwood with the most wonderful students, parents, and staff that there is. You will love and enjoy your time at Kenwood Elementary. I can't wait to meet our newest cubs to our Cougar family!

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