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PurposeFULL People

We are focusing on PurposeFULL People character traits this year and want to celebrate when a student goes above and beyond in demonstrating or growing in these areas! Students are nominated by teachers and staff for a PurposeFULL people award. They receive a charm and certificate for each trait that they are nominated for.

Library Corner

Hello from the Library and Media Center!

October is going to be a busy month for us! My friends and I will continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and begin learning about Día De los Muertos. We will be celebrating Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and how she was able to persevere through the hardships in her life. We will also be discussing how our empathy for her and others who struggle to overcome obstacles make us better citizens of the world (and nicer people too!).

Our literature will include such titles as:

Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring by Angela Cervantes (Chapter Fiction Level R)

La Princesa and the Pea by Susan Middleton Elya (Fairytale)

Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos by Monica Brown (Biography)

Me, Frida by Amy Novesky (Biography)

Dia de los Muertos by Roseanne Greenfield Thong (Non-fiction)

Awesome Autumn by Bruce Goldstone (Non-fiction)

Why is it Fall? By Sara L. Latta (Non-fiction)

Day of the Dead by Patricia Hutchison (Non-fiction)

We will also be learning about the custom of creating an Ofrenda and how we use them to show respect for those who are no longer with us. My friends will have the option of creating a mini Ofrendas to take home. It would be great to display them there and perhaps have a discussion about our own family histories and how sharing them shows respect for those who have gone on. (Just to reassure you, nothing we read or discuss is scary in any way.)

Speaking of an Ofrenda, we will be creating a Carlson Ofrenda in the library! If you would like to have a photo of a family member on it, just send in a frame with the child's name and teacher on the back (so I can get it returned to you). Our Library Leaders will be helping to assemble and maintain the Ofrenda. You can start sending framed pictures beginning October 11, and I sure hope you do!

In our Google Classroom I have curated videos, book trailers, read alouds, and book suggestions for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. There are lots of things for my friends to choose from.

We are also getting pretty excited in anticipation of our new library furniture arriving! For all of those of you who helped make it a reality, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll keep you posted!

Your “Guy-brarian” Robb