(That was intense) Reese Lalicata

Offsides shows a conflict between two sides, and that conflict solves nothing.

A brief synopsis of Offsides

Offsides takes place on the "borders" of the Israel wall. Two guards patrolling the wall are trying to get signal to tune into a FIFA football match. They soon cross paths with the opposing side, and tension endures. However, the other side enjoys the match as well, and both sides enjoy the match until the wall patrol accidentally shoots towards the two below. The shootout ends with both sides on the ground, dead, while the match commentates what's going on the whole time, out of context.

Real Life Application

In the real world, Israel is split between a wall, separating it from the Israeli and Palestinian people, causing both sides to be unhappy with each other. The majority groups of both don't want to cause trouble, however, there are some who choose to attack either sides out of hate and in spite of the wall (which was put there to stop the attackers in the first place).

The Palestinians and the Israeli (explained further)

The Palestinians are a people that believe in the Sunni branch of Islam. The people inhabited the land that is now known as Israel, even before the Ottoman Empire. The people lived in peace with each other, including the Jewish population there before the conflict. Britain started to colonize the Jewish population exponentially, to the point where they started to take over land. The Israeli are considered the "Jewish" population that helped Britain take over Israel. Soon, the Palestinians had only the Gaza strip and a few settlements to their name.
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Examples in our History: China vs Tibet

In the 1950's, China and Tibet were also struggling over land issues. Tibet wasn't considered a country by itself by some major powers in the world, including Britain. Tibet wanted the land for themselves, to break away from China, but China wanted the land for themselves too. So, an invasion took place and China recaptured Tibet. The UN decided this wasn't humane, and gave Tibet the ability to become independent. Things are still a bit frosty between the two countries still.

Conflicts on the home front...literally.

When I was younger, I wanted my own room. I didn't like sharing my room with my older sister, so we decided to literally tape our room for our sides. We had free access to our closets, but that was just about it. We got into so many fights over the years, and when she left because of college, I was sad to see her go. I actually liked to hang with her, and before she left, I gave her a note to tear down the tape and borders.