progressive reform pamphlet

Matt fisher Dillion kinlock


Protecting social welfare many social reformers worked to soften some of the harsh conditions of industrialization. EX: YMCA tried to soften it by opening libraries making swimming pools and making ball fields.

NAACP national association advancement for colored people they aimed for nothing less than equality of the races. EX: had the civil rights conference.

political reforms

Theodore Roosevelt was nicknamed the trust buster because he shut down many trusts.

EX: The biggest trust he broke was the northern securities trust.

Suffrage movement was a reform that focused on women rights. Ex: got the 19th amendment passed.

religious reforms

social gospel movement was also a reform because it aimed to help poor communities, churches and social services.

The afl began a movement called the labor forward which was a pro christian group who preached unionization

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The square deal was teddy Roosevelt based off of three ideas. EX: helped middle class family.

The jungle was a book written by Upton Sinclair that described the horrors of the meat packing industry.


Eads bridge was the first steel bridge and it spanned the Mississippi river.

Automobile changed american life quickly became a swift method of transportation available to people with modest income. EX: Henry ford made model t which was the easiest car to use.

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prohibition was the ban of sale and use of all alcohol. EX: Carrie nation walked into stores and busted bottles of liquor with her hatchet.

Big business started forming trusts. EX: northern securities trust.

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