9th Grade College&Career Curriculum

Quarter 1 Meeting - September 15th


Through quarterly meetings starting in 7th grade and continuing until the end of 12th grade, the purpose of College and Career Curriculum is to generate a more educated and informed student. It is my hope to instill confidence within students by the creation and completion of a well-informed and meaningful post-secondary plan.

Freshman Year - PLAN

The theme for Freshman C &C Curriculum is PLAN. Through planning and keeping track of what really "counts", students can set themselves on a excellent path to wide variety of careers that interest them.

In our first meeting on September 15th, the freshman class will be taking a close look at high school transcripts. High school transcript are the one piece of paper that holds all the facts about grades, types of classes, attendance, and test scores for grades 9-12. All colleges require high school transcripts and many workforce request them.

By informing freshman students about the importance and transcripts and the information that they contain, it is my hope that students gain an understanding of the important facts that colleges and employers are looking at and to gain a sense of responsibility to the facts that will end up on their high school transcript.

Upcoming College and Career Curriculum Topics

Quarter 2 - Making Career Cruising Work for You

Quarter 3 - Create a 4 Year Plan based on current Career choice

Quarter 4 - Retake Interest Inventory from 8th grade