Rapid Progress for Boys' Writing*

*Girls' Too!

Ensure outstanding cross-curricular primary writing using a simple high-impact approach

This lively, practical and action packed day combines a range of thrilling and engaging interactive activities with a unique structured, progressive whole-school approach to teaching writing in the 21st Century primary classroom. High-impact with rapid sustained progress. The content of the session has been presented for the National Literacy Trust and the National Association of Headteachers at venues around the UK and was featured as a best-practice workshop in November's iPad Summit in Boston USA.

The approach presented in this session applies to all subjects and is relevant for Special, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Course Aims:

This course will give teachers:

  • A clear and structured approach to teaching all genres of writing using popular games as a stimulus.
  • A whole-school approach to teaching cross-curricular writing which was developed for New National Curriculum and presented nationally for The National Literacy Trust.
  • A bank of activities which raise standards, secure rapid progress and make a sustained impact on all young writers, even those who are most reluctant.
  • A transferable cross-curricular approach demonstrating a clear, accessible progression covering: Talk for writing/ oral rehearsal, planning, drafting, feedback/collaboration and digital publishing.
  • Activities which support all pupils, with significant impact on reluctant writers, pupils with SEN and those supported by Pupil Premium.

The course features the extensive use of iPad Minis, which will be provided on the day (no experience necessary.) All activities/methods can be carried out on Android tablets.
Rapid Progress For Boys Writing Video

Course Presenter

Chris Williams has been a primary school teacher for almost 20 years. He specialises in Special Education, Curriculum Development and "closing the gap" for all pupils in spoken communication and writing. Alongside colleague, David Andrews, Chris shares his work on the blog www.mrandrewsonline.blogspot.co.uk (which has been recognised as one of the top 3 blogs in the UK by the National UK Blog Awards. He has presented his work for The National Literacy Trust, The Westminster Education Forum, The National Association of Headteachers and in the USA for EdTechTeacher.
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"Outstanding! Thank you, so many ideas. Completely inspired." Literacy Co-ordinator, Chiltern Primary School, Hull

"Excellent training course, so much to take back to school. Real teachers who know what teachers need! " NAHT Delegate, Wakefield

"An inspirational and effective approach every teacher should use." National Literacy Trust Delegate, London

"Having now used these activities in the classroom children's attitudes to writing have instantly transformed. The buzz they now have found for writing is incredible. They are still fired up to write at 3:00pm on a Friday! " Michelle Randall-Harris, Primary Teacher

"Incredible outcomes. This approach supports writing and communcation in all subjects."

Speech and Language Therapist, Children in Scotland delegate.

Price: £175 per delegate (plus VAT which schools can reclaim)

9:30am - 3:00pm
Lunch included

LONDON - The Abbey Centre ( near Parliament Square)- 24th February 2015

Transforming Outcomes in EYFS/KS1

London, SW1, 27th February 2015

Securing rapid progress in communication and language development in EYFS/KS1 using iPads and tablet computers

Securing rapid progress in communication and language development in EYFS/KS1 using iPads and tablet computers

This “hands-on” course demonstrates how mobile technology can impact on progress and standards in nurseries, EYFS settings and Key Stage 1. The approaches and methods shared are based on outstanding classroom practice and can easily be applied to all subjects, topics and levels. The day is packed with a wealth of practical activities focusing on communication and language along with personal, social and emotional development.

The course will be delivered by Andrew Yeomans who has presented this classroom approach at conferences across the UK. He has led teams of EYFS and KS1 staff teachers across Yorkshire on projects based on making an impact through effective integration of technology. Alongside colleagues, David Andrews and Chris Williams, Andrew shares his work on the popular blogwww.mrandrewsonline.blogspot.com which was recognised as one of the top 3 education blogs in the 2014 UK Blog Awards.

This course features the use of iPad minis (provided on the day, no experience necessary!) although ideas, methods and activities can be carried out on other devices. All activities require a minimum of 1 mobile device and are not reliant on extensive whole-school investment in technology.

Who should attend?

  • Key Stage 1/EYFS teachers and teaching assistants
  • Heads/Deputies interested in exploring the whole impact of mobile technology

Outcomes /Objectives

  • To understand practical ways in which mobile technology can transform learning in EYFS and KS1
  • To have practical experience of ideas and activities which can be used immediately in the classroom.
  • To recognise how technology can enhance existing learning opportunites.
  • To gain an understanding of how mobile technology can promote speaking, listening and communication along with personal, social and emotional development.

website:www.mrandrewsonline.com blog: www.mrandrewsonline.blogspot.co.uk

Transforming Outcomes in EYFS/KS1

Friday, Feb. 27th, 9:30am-3pm

34 Great Smith Street

£175 per delegate

Lunch and refreshments included