Deadly Black Widows

By Greg Nova/ book report by Colten Westhues

Deadly black widows

What would you do if you saw a black widow climbing on your wall. Well, this book tells you all about black widows. They have more toxic venom than a rattle snake's venom but a black widow releases less venom. Did you know that a female black widow is about twice the size of a male black widow. Don't worry about the male black widows because they are poisonous, there just is no reported cases of male black widows biting people. I chose this book because i thought it looked interesting. I also wanted to learn about black widows. I would recommend this book because you can learn a lot about black widows.

Redback spiders

This is a redback spider they're black widows closes relative. They live in Australia. They are pretty much the same as a black widows, but they have a line across their backs.

Male black widows.

First off I just want to say is I think that male black widows look nothing like the female black widows. At first, I thought it was a brown recluse. But this is what a male black widow looks like, disgusting!

Protecting babies

Black widows will protect there babies. Well actually its only a girl job because the male walks away after mating, that's if the boy can make it out without being eaten by the female. It kind of reminds me about a lion, because a lion will protect its babies but black widows are only there until the babies molt for the first time. Then the baby black widows release tiny strings of web and float away.

Black widow egg sacks.

Female black widows will produce at least 1,000 eggs, and put them inside an egg sack. That is a lot, but lots of the eggs will be eaten by predators. Once they hatch they stay inside the egg sack until they molt for there first time. They will eat through the egg sack that keeps them safe. They will then produce tiny webs and float away.