6th Grade Math Lab

November Meeting (Meeting #2)

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Representing Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line

In this center, you will be working with fractions and decimals on a # line. First, you need to read and discuss the task card at your work station. Figure out with your partner whether the student explanation on it is right or wrong. Then, draw a number line on the white board to explain yourself. You can use multiple whiteboards if you need to. Once you have your visual drawn and know how to explain the problem, ask Mrs. Gander for an iPad. You can then use the program "Educreations" to verbally justify your answer. Note that this program only has photo images and not video- so you have to be able to have your visuals written down to help you explain.
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Reflections on a coordinate Plane

In this center you will be working on Reflections on a coordinate plane. Each group has an envelope of task cards. You and your partner's job is to use the recording sheet (paper in green basket) to answer the questions on each task card. Turn in what you completed to the blue basket before you rotate to your next center. You can work at your desks or move to the floor.
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Coordinate Graphing and Perimeter of shapes

Objective: Create and conquer as many islands as possible. Score points according to the perimeter of each island captured.


  • Coordinate Grid with all 4 quadrants showing

  • two colored pencils

  • Coordinate Cards in envelopes


  1. Each player chooses one color to use on the game board.

  2. Player 1 draws out a card and plots the 4 points according to the coordinates on the card. Player 1 uses his or her colored pencil to connect the points and form a rectangle or square. Player 1 finds its perimeter and writes that number inside the figure, thereby conquering the island. (Player 2 checks Player 1’s work.)

  3. Player 2 draws out another card and repeats Step 2 using his or her colored pencil. (Player 1 checks Player 2’s work.)

  4. Players continue taking turns creating and conquering islands, finding the perimeter of each figure.

  5. At the end of the game, players add up their points by tallying the total perimeters of their islands. The player with the most points becomes Island King or Queen!

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