Most Adorable Puppy Ever!

Her beautiful self.

Leilani is an amazing Border-Collie/Pomeranian. She is 4 months old. She has adjusted to her home. She loves to cuddle and play but Leilani does love to get down and dirty in the dirt. She loves the attention from her loved ones. She is a very active puppy and has just finished with her second round of shots and is ready for her third.

  • she's almost potty trained and hasn't really had any accidents lately
  • she walks great without a leash
  • she does well with other dogs
  • Does great in the car
  • loves going outdoors

Months in the Making!

Forever Home!

When we bought Leilani, she was scared and terrified. Currently, she is very happy with her family. We are all excited to see her grow. I think she is satisfied at where shes at and is happy with the attention she gets. I'm ecstatic that we decided a while ago that this is her forever home!

P.S. Leilani is NOT for sale.

Thank you!