Waiting to Exhale

By: Kennsington Ellis & Ashley Flagle

7 facts about tobacco

The Native Americans taught the Europeans how to smoke tobacco in the 1700's. Now in 2016 tobacco is sold everywhere. Tobacco companies usually spend billions yearly online and televised advertising and promotion. Tobacco has been known for killing household animals. You have people that smoke, and people who do illegal drugs. Illegal drugs can cause homicides, suicides, car accidents, and more. Using illegal drugs cost $110 billions dollars per year. In order to smoke, and buy cigarettes you have to 18 years of age. In California there is a debate over increasing the smoking age to 21. For people trying to quit smoking probably have tried using an e-cigarette (electronic cigarette), but now they are being prohibited to being sold to minors and have to pass an inspection.

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Essential Question

What are the past present and future influences of tobacco on the social, political, and economic life the United States and around the world and its impact on individual and public health?

Use of Tobacco Today

The way tobacco is used today is mainly cigarettes. Tobacco companies spend billions of dollars yearly on promotion and advertising. A lot of people that are trying to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes. However, minors have gotten a hold of electronic cigarettes in a trend known as vaping. The government has put regulations into place in order to keep minors from getting electronic cigarettes.

Use of Tobacco in the Future

The use of tobacco in the future will only get worse. The possibilities could be endless, there could be a new way to smoke tobacco that could actually turn out to be worse than cigarettes themselves.


In conclusion the history of tobacco has only become worse. It all started in Jamestown when the Native Americans taught the Europeans to smoke tobacco. Now we have cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. The future of tobacco could only get worse.