Where are we?

Maps and Map Skills

Rosabelle Ganiaris

Intro.1 by Rosabelle Ganiaris

Lesson 1: Does Anyone Have Directions?

In this lesson students will learn about maps and its key features by reading "Follow That Map" by Scot Ritchie. They will join Sally and the rest of the gang on their expedition to find Max and Olli. Afterwards students will focus on one map from the book "Follow That Map" and recreate one based on our knowledge and neighborhood or school. In other words, we will make our very own map!

What Students Will Learn:

  • More than one type of map exist
  • Cardinal symbols
  • About neighborhood,city, states, and countries
  • Key vocabulary for the unit
  • How to use Google Drawing

Lesson 2: Where in the world are we?

In this lesson we will follow the main character as she explores where she lives in relation to the world. Afterwards students will create a flip book showing where they live in relation to the world.

What Students Will Learn:

  • Students will learn about the relationship between city, state, country, continent and planet
  • They will learn how to search through google images
  • Students will also explore photo booth and its options

Standards Addressed

Technology Incorporated: Support Synopsis


  • The use of technology will benefit those students who have an OT issue as well as students who usually need extra time to accomplish a task.
  • The use of Google drawing will allow all students to be able to accomplish the goal as well work express their creativity.
  • Using Google drawing is interactive and can be view easily and at anytime by the instructor.
  • It can also, be used for group work if needed.
  • Google images will allow for the students to search from a wide range of images and explore the various maps available to represent one place.
  • Students will be able to use the tools available to express themselves; especially ELL and struggling students. They can use photo booth to create a visual flip book or an oral presentation

Needed Skills

  • Working knowledge of a computer

Materials Needed

Differentiated Instruction

ELL students

  • Small group work prior to the beginning of the unit (lesson) to introduce key terms
  • Modified worksheet with the key terms in English and in native language along with images
  • Buddy work they will be paired with a student that speaks the same native language.
  • Sentence starters and work to be completed in native language ( use of google translate)
  • Presentation of drawing if their level is emergent or beginning

Struggling Students

  • Small group work and/or partner work with a student above level
  • Step by step instruction
  • Modified worksheet


I have included the video to the book Me on the Map. I would use this as a tool for students who need to refer back to the book or would like to revisit the book. This would be great for struggling readers and ELL students to follow along.
Me on the Map Quicktime2.mov

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