Student NEEDS A Roommate

6'3 Blonde Male Student Needs a Roomate ASAP

About Myself

Tyler van Buitenen is the type of person to not even know you, but have an earnest want to hug a complete stranger that he’s never met. Simply enough, I believe that my outgoing personality, and resound belief in human potential is what drives my innate curiosity. There is no point to shutting someone out of my life just based upon personal differences; everyone has and deserves a chance to reaching their true potential. I love playing sports such as basketball and soccer, but my life has changed for the better and I have a voracious appetite for reading. I wouldn’t consider myself a “maven” in any one subject but I can definitely state that its a resolute goal to become a universal informational intellectual human being. I don’t judge based on appearance, more so, I believe that what’s underneath the surface is much more appealing.
Did The Past Really Happen?

What I Want In a Roommate:

I don’t want much when I say have a few conditions that my roommate should be perfectly capable of respecting. I don’t want someone unfocused, or someone who will distract me from my own obligations. That is all I require.


When I go to college, I hope to have a very curious roommate who wants nothing more than to empower themselves through the medium of knowledge. I hope to achieve my short term goals while also placing an easier path in front of me to achieve my long term goals. I love knowledge because in todays society, it is absolutely everywhere, and there is the greatest plethora of information due to technological advances such as he internet and television. I can be short tempered, because I do have a small chemical mutation that heredity has imposed upon me; bipolar disorder. I have ADHD but this disorder only encourages me to strive for greater heights. My chemical composition enables me to be an enthusiastic critical thinker who will preserver until the goal is reached. People amaze me in every unique facet that individuals harbor. I enjoy digging beneath the surface to find the ticks that keep people motivated. I thoroughly enjoy striking up conversations with anyone, anywhere. Information is my light that enables me to see the potential that life offers.