Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

January 16, 2020

What is going on?

We are back in the saddle again! We made some good goals and now to keep up with them and be laser focused to get it done!

We have a math test on counting money tomorrow. We have come along way!

Report cards are coming home today.

We are over the hump and curriculum is starting to level up and get more challenging. It is still ok if the kids have a 2. It means they are mostly independent and sometimes need a little help. A 1 means they are just not independent yet.

Please make sure students are Reading and working on Math facts!

This and that!

Reading: Students will use context clues strategies to determine the meaning of unknown words.

Writing: This week, we will begin letter writing. Students will learn the five parts of a letter and implement them into their own original piece.

Spelling: Under, things, your, watch, kids, like, see, gone

Grammar: Students will learn that it is important to include punctuation in letter writing, especially commas in the date, closing, and greeting.

Science: This week our focus is on basic needs of living things. Students will experiment with 6 different plants, and discover what happens when 5 plants lose a basic need.

Math: Students will continue to work on financial literacy activities. They will participate in activities that involve savings, spending, deposits, and withdrawals.

Have a good weekend!