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Are you wondering how softball was created?

In 1887, a group of twenty young men had gathered in the Farragut Boat Club gym in order to hear the Harvard-Yale football game. After Yale’s victory, a man picked up a stray boxing glove and threw it at someone, who hit it with a pole. George Hancock ( a witness who saw this take place), considered to be the inventor of softball tied the boxing glove so that it resembled a ball, chalked out a diamond on the floor, which gave it small dimensions than a regular baseball field to be able to fit in the gym, and broke off a broom handle to serve as a bat. Thus, a new version of baseball was born: softball.

Who was the first ever softball team?

By 1889, a winter league was formed. The All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball(softball) League was found by Phillip K. Wrigley. It was in existence from 1943-1954, and started to keep the public eye on baseball after the majority of men were overseas fighting in WWII. The first softball league outside the United States was organized in Toronto in 1897.

Injuries that can be prevented?

In the out field or in the infield look where you are going because you will collide with someone or something. When you are bunting DO NOT put your fingers close to the part of the bat you hit off of, this will cause you to injure your finger. When you are running to a base you cannot step on the full bag right in the middle the way the bag is raised it might cause you to slip and fall on your hip. Step on the inside of the bag when running. That way you wont get hurt When you are sliding into home look out for the catcher so you do not collide with him. If you prevent these actions you will stay safe in softball

What drills can I Do?

One, drill is the triangle drill (fielding), this focuses on soft hands, and fielding the ball with two hands. You need to stand 5ft apart from your thrower, kneel down on your knees shoulder length apart. Now, draw a line from knee to knee,this is the base of the triangle, and draw the two lines to make a triangle in front of you.Now with no glove place your catching hand at the tip of the triangle and have your hand facing the thrower. (EXTENDED ARM) Have the thrower slowly roll you a grounder. Catch it like regular, but make sure your throwing hand secures the ball in the catching hand. Now bring the ball into the base of the triangle and into your stomach. This will teach you how to secure the ball and catch it so it will not go through/past you.

These are other drills you may find helpful.

Softball Throwing Drills - The Swim Drill