"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 1-23-15

Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Dear Staff,

What a great Learning Walk we had yesterday with teachers and administrators from around the district! All of you should be so proud of the dynamic learning environment that we have created together. Some celebrations discussed by the group:

  • Consistency of instruction and programs across the grade levels
  • Engaged, happy, and respectful learners
  • 7 Habits ubiquitous aross the school. Student leaders with greeters, students going to classes and making announcements
  • Posted Learning Objectives which students know.
  • Student created rubrics
  • STREAM in all grades and technology is integrated in high level ways (SAMR), used to personalize learning; to create interaction, involvement, and reflection (Digital Portfolios)
  • Collaborative group work
  • Teaching for deeper understanding; academic vocabulary; posters reflecting strategies and discussions; use of stickies to allow all students to participate
  • NonFiction Writing and Reading, and students using text evidence
  • Rigor in the writing
  • Treasures Unit Charts with focus skills, Robust Vocabulary being taught
  • Real world application and problem solving
  • Excellent classroom management
  • Student freedom and choice
  • Very neat and organized use of space
  • Preschool and 6th grade buddies doing STREAM
  • The whole child being nurtured
  • Clear expectations for learning goals and behavior!


More Yee-Haws!

  • CTA for the amazing taco lunch. Yummy!
  • Tabor for participating in the conference committee
  • Cesar for getting the doors re-keyed so that teachers can open if locked.
  • John and Caroline for their continued behind the scenes work to get our HVAC working properly and fields looking great. They continue to support us so much
  • Carrie helping with the canned food drive and having her 6th grade students go around with Brittany's class. Great leadership and synergy.
  • Crystal for helping Leadership Council make announcements about the Great Kindness Challenge next week.
  • Dawn and Katie for participating in yesterday's learning walk
  • Angie for coming to the staff meeting for presenting on a digital portfolio - a 21st century way to give an authentic audience and help students develop a growth mindset and self-efficacy.
  • Brittany for organizing the can food drive
  • To our Preschool; who are doing such a great job preparing their students for Kindergarten. I am so impressed!
  • Neva for Buddying and doing Tinkering with the preschool
  • I amazed by the number of great things that happen on a weekly basis; and this week was only 4 days!!! Another Great week at the Ranch!

Go Hawks!

Put First Things First

  • The Great Kindness Challenge! Next Week!
  • The 100 Day Canned Food Drive - Wednesday-Feb. 5th
  • Love and Logic - Jan. 29 5:30-7:30 for parents. Child Care Provided
  • The Get Moving Challenge - Jan 19-Feb. 27th
  • Treasures Theme 3 - When you're team is complete and your scores are scanned in, we'll review and look for how our students are doing.

Enjoy your Weekend!

Who Am I?

  • I danced with the San Francisco Ballet
  • The Big Island of Hawaii is my favorite place
  • I was once lost in a lava field at night
  • I kayaked to the island where the tallest wave was recorded
  • I got engaged at the top of Yosemite Falls while playing Scrabble

    Answer: Judy Wright