Chisholm Summer Adventures

Week 5: Ocean

Clampitt Ocean

Grades PK-2 Ocean Adventures

Watch videos or read books about the ocean and marine life. Draw or write about your favorite parts, then share it with your grown up. You can also make ocean-themed art and food. See the links for ideas.

PK-2 Pattern Shapes App

Build your favorite ocean animal using the shape blocks in the app. How many triangles did you use? How many rectangles did you use? Can you make the same shape using different blocks?

PK-2 Observing Animals

You want to study an animal like a shark, dolphin, whale or octopus. How can you watch it without being seen? Create a design that allows you to see an animal.

Challenge: How can you alter the design so the animal can't see you?

PK-5 Splash and Bubbles

Biological concepts can also have a strong social-emotional curriculum link. Studying diversity in the ocean can open up opportunities to discuss diversity in the classroom and community. A story about a fish that feels different from others, for example, lends itself well to both biological and social-emotional learning. Every plant and animal has a role to play - its ecological niche - and every person has something valuable to contribute to their friends and community.

Grades 3-5 Marine Biologist

This week, you'll go on a virtual field trip. No permission slip needed! See the link for more details.

Grades 3-5 10 Unbelievable Facts About the Ocean

Read some of the "unbelievable" facts on this website. Discuss the meaning of some of the mathematical values that you find with a family member or friend. What is surprising about some of these facts? Make a representation of your favorite fact (graph, picture, sketch, number line, etc) and share it with a family member or friend.

Grades 3-5 There's a New Ocean!

There are now 5 oceans! Can you name all 5? Now that you identified all the oceans, go explore! Take a virtual field trip to explore shipwrecks, dolphins, or coastlines.

Grades 3-5 Creating a Surfboard

You and your friends like to surf, but it is tough to get all of your boards to the beach. You saw a foldable kayak and are wondering whether you can create a foldable surfboard that would be easier to transport and still hold up after use. Your surfboard should not buckle when placed in the water. You can test your surfboard in a sink, tub, bowl of water, or pool. Remember, the purpose is to reduce the size of the surfboard to make it easier to travel with.

Shout Out to Channing for answering 484 IXL questions this week! Way to go!!

PK-5 IXL Challenge of the Week

Grade 5 go into your science learning. Find Conservation and Natural Resources. Work through the 2 IXL lessons this week.

Grades 4 go into your science learning. Find Natural Resources. Work through the 1 IXL lesson this week.

Grades PK-3 go into your language arts learning. Find Nouns. Work through 1 IXL lesson each day this week.

In the month of June, Chisholm Chargers have answered 17,167 IXL questions and 563 IXL questions in July!

PK-5 Digital Citizenship

Learn a three-step routine to reflect on how technology can make you feel! Watch the video and then discuss these questions with an adult at home:

1. The Digital Citizens talked about how technology makes them feel. How do you feel when you use technology?

2. What are some things you do that make you happy?

3. Do you ever feel sad or mad when you use your devices? What can you do when technology makes you feel that way?