St Mary's Catholic School 7 April 2021 - Term 1 Week 10

Easter Vigil, Cycle B, Saturday, April 3, 2021

Gospel Reading

Mark 16:1-7
The women find that the stone from Jesus’ tomb has been rolled back, and an angel reports that Jesus has been raised from the dead.

Background on the Gospel Reading

Each of the four Gospels reports that the women who had been followers of Jesus discovered the empty tomb after his death. Today we read from the Gospel of Mark, which contains the most succinct of all the reports of Jesus’ Resurrection in the Gospels.

Scholars have long noted some irregularities about the ending of Mark’s Gospel. The report of the discovery of the empty tomb comes to an abrupt conclusion after verse 8. While some believe this is the original ending of Mark’s Gospel, others theorize that there was a longer ending that was lost.

Some manuscripts of Mark’s Gospel, written between the fourth and ninth centuries, include what scholars have termed the Shorter Ending, which is often printed in our Bibles for reference. This ending indicates that the women told their story to Peter’s companions. Scholars believe that this ending was not written by Mark, but was probably added by later copyists who sought to resolve the abrupt ending at verse 8.

Other early manuscripts include a Longer Ending, which scholars also believe was written by someone other than the evangelist Mark. Quotations from this Longer Ending are found in the writings of the early Church Fathers, however, indicating that this Longer Ending has been included as part of Mark’s Gospel for some time. This Longer Ending, Mark 16:9-20, was accepted at the Council of Trent as part of the canonical Gospel. Portions of this Longer Ending are read as part of our weekday lectionary cycle and on the Feast of the Ascension in Cycle B. Without this Longer Ending, the Gospel of Mark would report no post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus.

In today’s Gospel, Mark reports the names of three women who go to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body. They are Mary Magdalene, Salome, and Mary, the mother of James. According to Mark, these are the same women who were among those watching Jesus’ Crucifixion from a distance. Mark reports that these women were followers of Jesus in Galilee and that they ministered to him. Mark also reports that Mary Magdalene and Mary observed where Jesus’ body was laid. After his death, these women come again to minister to Jesus.

Mary Magdalene, Salome, and Mary, the mother of James, go to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body. It is clear from Mark’s report of their conversation that they had not worked out all the necessary details. They know that a very large stone was used to seal Jesus’ tomb, but they do not know how they are going to remove it. When they arrive at the tomb, they find that the stone has already been rolled back. Upon entering the tomb, they meet an angel who tells them that Jesus has been raised from the dead. The angel then recalls Jesus’ promise to his disciples that he would go before them to Galilee.

Amazement would seem to be a natural reaction to the experience that the women had that morning. Yet the angel chides them for being amazed. Perhaps the reason is found in the words that follow, as the angel reminds them that Jesus himself had told his disciples that he would see them again in Galilee. If the women had listened and heeded Jesus’ words, they would not have been surprised to find the tomb empty. This highlights a theme of Mark’s Gospel: the disciples of Jesus are often clueless about the true identity of Jesus and confounded by his message to them.

Nonetheless, we can find some hope for the disciples, just as there is hope for us when we find ourselves unsure about Jesus. The disciples in today’s Gospel were faithful followers of Jesus and remained present through Jesus’ death on the cross. In fact, they came to the tomb that morning expecting to minister to Jesus once again. Instead, they were sent to minister in a different way, as apostles to Peter and the other disciples. Because we hear this Gospel proclaimed today, we know that they honored Jesus by accepting this mission.



Tēnā koutou kātoa e te whānau,

Tihei mauri ora, nau mai, haere mai, tena koutou katoa, E nga whanau, e nga kaiako, e nga tamariki, e nga manuhiri, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

I do hope our St Mary’s community had a fantastic long Easter weekend. It was great to have some extra family time.

Structured Literacy

St Mary’s School has invested heavily in Structured Literacy to support our teachers and learners. I have attached a parent letter outlining some of the information. We will hold a parent meeting early in Term 2 to go over some of the knowledge our teachers and children have acquired. Sarah Stock from Learning Matters has been working with our whole staff. We are working through a date to share with our community in regards to a parent evening.

After School Care - Holiday Programme

We are looking to run our Holiday programme again over the next Holidays. Shelley would like to know your interest and if families would like 1 week or 2 weeks.

Could you please email Shelley your interest and preference for 1 week or 2 weeks as soon as possible. Shelley can then gauge interest and numbers.

Shelley's email is:

Please download a copy of the Holiday Programme enrolment form below.

Imagine... Beautiful Planter Boxes

This term Nicola has been working with many of our Whakapono children to finish the beautiful planter box outside the staffroom. This project was started last year and it is wonderful to see the finished product! You will recognise quotes from John Lennon’s song, Imagine printed on the planter -

“Imagine all the life in peace...and the world will be as one…”.

BOT Casual Vacancy

I hope your Easter has been a pleasant and joyful one. Below is a message from our BOT around a casual vacancy that has come about for our School Board of Trustees.

St Mary’s Catholic School Board of Trustees

Vacancy for a parent representative

There is a vacancy on the Board of Trustees for a parent representative.

The Board is able to fill the vacancy either by by-election or selection.

We have a suitable candidate available.

However, if 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll, within 28 days of this notice being published (03/05/2021) , ask the Board, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.

Request for a by-election should be sent to:

Tony Lenton

Board Chairperson

Board of Trustees

St Mary’s Catholic School Tauranga,

11 Thirteenth Avenue, Tauranga South, Tauranga 3112

Parent/Teacher Conferences

On Wednesday 14th April and Thursday 15th April we will be holding parent/teacher conferences. These will be 15 minutes where the teacher will go over the goals, graph and information regarding our philosophy and teaching of spelling. The interviews start at 2pm both days. Tika children will go into Rm 3 from 1.45pm onwards and the rest of the school will be in the BAMJC. School does not finish early, however if you wanted to pick your child up from their room between 1.30pm-1.45 please just let your teacher know. The bus service and After School Care will still be running.

To book a conference time please go directly to the booking page using this link.

Tauranga City Council Strategic Plan Meeting

The Tauranga City Council are using the Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey centre for a strategic plan meeting. Anyone is welcome to this. It will be held on Thursday 27th May at 6pm.

Vaping legislation

On 11 November 2020, changes took effect under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act that saw the existing prohibition on smoking at schools, kura, early learning services and kōhanga reo extended to include vaping.

From 11 May 2021, vaping signage will be displayed, in addition to the existing requirement to display ‘no smoking’ notices. This means that these places must be smoke free and vape free, both indoors and outdoors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ngā mihi nui

James Murray


Big picture

We hope you had a very Blessed Easter and enjoyed the extra days of rest. It was wonderful to see our students and staff in the parish choirs over the Easter Masses, congratulations to all.

Students have been immersed in the events leading up to the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. We are fortunate this year to be back so soon after the Resurrection to share the joy of the Resurrection with the students.

Prue O’Connell

It was very sad last week with the passing of Prue. She was still a very active member of our school community attending weekly masses and liturgies. We will miss her and the service she so generously gave to us all. Please keep Prue and her family in your prayers.

May she rest in peace.

Easter Tide/Easter Season

What does Easter tide mean?

Eastertide ("Easter time"), also referred to as the Easter Season and Paschal Time, is the period of fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday.

God Bless

Teresa Rush



Alleluia Jesus has risen! Brothers and sisters Happy Easter! Easter is the climax of the liturgical year in the Church. Easter is the greatest feast of all. This is the day Jesus, our Brother, broke the chains of death and rose in triumph from the grave. Easter is truly the ‘Day of the Lord.’ It is our day too, for Jesus shares with us the fruits of his victory. (Fr Philip)

Mass Ministries 10.30am

We are looking for additional help with operating the PowerPoint at the 10.30am. Sunday masses. If you are able to assist please contact the Parish office.

Dinner for the homeless

May 29th The Catholic Youth Office is looking for donations to provide those on the streets with some warm things this winter, like new or gently used warm clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, etc to create care packages for our brothers and sisters who are doing it tough. If you are able to assist or wish to donate or would like to know more email Danielle:


South Cluster Swimming

The following children have qualified to go on to Western Bays.

Daisy Bell

Elliot Olsen

Tilly Martin

Max Page

Evie Dumbleton

Baxter Carlin

James Hartman

Isabel Nelis

Alison Bywater-Lutman

Delilah Smith

Addison Sands

Mackenzie Jury

Jessica Cha

Matthew Rogers

The South Cluster came first in the Girls Relay, 3rd in the Boys Relay and 2nd in the Grand Relay.


Rachel Parry

Sports Coordinator


Term 1 - Ends Friday 16 April

Friday 2 April, Monday 5 April, Tuesday 6 April - Easter holidays

Term 2 - Monday 3 May - Thursday 8 July

Monday 7 June - Queens Birthday

Friday 9 July - Kahui Ako Teacher Only Day

Term 3 - Monday 26 July - Friday 1 October

Wednesday 11 August - Accord Day Teacher Only Day

Term 4 - Monday 18 October - Friday 17 December (12 noon)

Monday 25 October - Labour Day

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