Catch 22- Cover to Cover

By: Kyle Reck


In the book The Chaplain is not called by a name but only called "The Chaplain" while in the movie he goes by Chaplain Capt. A. T. Tappman. This doesn't change the meaning of the film at all it is just needed to help the viewer distinct who everyone is.

Most of the characters are the same from both the book and the movie. Yossarian is still the main character and is a bomber pilot who has a strong dislike towards war and violence.


The plot in both the book and the movie are about Yossarian and his attempts to escape the war. Yossarian is told if he does a certain amount of missions he can go home early, but he is then informed they keep increasing the number of missions he needs to complete. One thing that is different in the plot is in the book they is time to lengthen everything out and explain all the tiny details like about how Yossarian was going insane in the book it was conveyed differently in the movie.


The setting of this book was during WWII. By filming in different countries they really did a good job on not messing up where they should be filming. The book is put in near the Mediterranean Sea, and the film even had some scenes filmed in Italy and countries over in that part of the world. So all in all the setting was pretty close to the same for the book and the movie.


The hardest part to understand in the book was the flashbacks to when Yossarian was not at war and to other parts in the novel. I had a very hard time following most of that. In the movie they decided to skip over all the confusion as a whole. This is probably to help with the time of the movie and to help get to the point of the movie. Books have for leeway in the way they convey points because they do not have a certain time limit and budget for their books.

Critical Acclaims


  • Is a serious novel about insanity and how it can effect someone in war


  • The movie is way more satirical and more of a comedy