Lance's Ledger

September 28 - October 2 at Central Elementary

Homecoming Week Fun

Homecoming week events provided fun for students and staff alike. Second Grade Teachers seemed to enjoy themselves way too much! :) Seriously, it was great to see the camaraderie and spirit among staff. The students and the "kids" in the adults enjoyed the week (especially "Wacky Wednesday").

On another note, I very much enjoyed covering a couple of classes for Mr. Rutkowski (don't worry Tim...the kids do want you back!) on Friday afternoon. The first graders understood their football passing and catching skills well. They were more than excited to show how well they could model Cardinal Code too!

This Week at Central

Monday, Sept. 28

  • Fundraiser Orders and Money Due!
  • Supt. Task Force Mtg. @ 6 PM in DHS AMR (Lance)

Tuesday, Sept. 29

  • CST Meetings

Wednesday, Sept. 30

  • Emergency Drill Day; Fire Drill #2 and Tornado Drill # 1(GSRP will join in on drills)

Thursday, Oct. 1

  • SI Goal Area Meeting (7:30 AM in Alumni Room or Library(?))
  • Principals' Meeting (9:30-Noon) Lance

Friday, Oct. 2

  • Special Education Group Meeting (7:40 - 8:10 AM in Conference Room)

Looking Ahead

Be sure to update your calendar!!!!!

  • Oct. 5...Mr. Montgomery's and Mrs. Jozwiak's classes to the Fire Station from 10:30-11:30 AM; Parapro CMC 4:15 -6:15 (Lance)
  • Oct. 6...Mrs. Romine's & Miss Przybylski's classes to the Fire Station 9:30 - 10:30 AM; Ms. Hilgendorf's class to the Fire Station 10:30-11:30 AM
  • Oct. 7...MIDTERM...Picture Day; Count Day; Early Release Day (early release at 1:28 PM followed by building SIP from approx. 1:48 - 4:48 PM). Agenda for SIP includes 2 hours of math fluency activities with Linda Funsch & 1 hour review of Central SIP.
  • Oct. 9...Summer Reading Challenge Pizza Prize lunch (during student's regular lunch time in the multi-purpose room.
  • Oct. 13...PLC Grades 1-4 (Note: Agenda item need to be a completed ranking of students by classroom identifying students in top 30%, Middle 40%, and top 30% by name...due to Lance at end of PLC...Rankings based on DIBELS and STAR Math for Grades 2-4; DIBELS for Grade 1). Use DIBELS/STAR Math comparison chart.
  • Oct. 14...Staff Meeting- (Agenda: ACC Update; Evaluation Process & Question Update/Discussion; Review Progress of SW Behavior Plan...What's working & adjustments needed?)
  • Oct. 15...Admin. Mtg. (9:30 AM) Lance
  • Oct. 19...ACC (4:15-6:15 PM) Melissa, Monica and Lance
  • Oct. 20...PTO @ 6 PM
  • Oct. 22...Principals' Mtg. ; Blueberry Ambassadors' Luncheon
  • Oct. 28...Staff Meeting (7:35-8:15 AM) - Agenda: DEF Presentation; Halloween Parade & Party Update; ACC Update; CAP PLC Grades 1-4 (Note: Agenda item need to be a completed ranking of students by classroom identifying students in top 30%, Middle 40%, and top 30% by name...due to Lance at end of PLC...Rankings based on DIBELS and STAR Math for Grades 2-4; DIBELS for Grade 1). Use DIBELS/STAR Math comparison chart.
  • Oct. 29...CST Meetings
  • Oct. 30...Halloween Parade & Celebrations
  • Nov. 2...Parapro CMC 4:15 - 6:15 (Lance)
  • Nov. 3...Election Day; Data Day: Grade 3 AM & Grade 1 PM
  • Nov. 4...Staff Meeting- (Agenda: DEF Presentation, P/T Conferences, ACC Update; Behavior Committee & PPSC Update); Data Day: Grade 4 AM 7 Grade 2 PM
  • Nov. 5...Admin. Mtg. (9:30-Noon) Lance
  • Nov. 6...No School for Students; Teacher PD 8:30-11:30 AM; Possible Para-pro PD in AM; Teacher Work Day PM-Teachers may complete PM work at home.

Student Safety Concern

Recently, PE Teacher Tim Rutkowski emailed staff regarding having a problem with students coming to PE class with gum. We do allow students to chew gum in many instances during the school day. The practice can be especially helpful with some of our students. However, I want to echo Tim's concern and ask you to remind students to properly dispose of their gum before going to PE class. Please stress the "Choking hazard" that gum poses during a PE class. Thank you so much for helping to keep our students safe!

A Timely Reminder

Teachers, your help is needed in making sure kids are getting to and from specials on time. It was brought to my attention that there may be some inconsistencies in clock times around the building. Perhaps you would be so kind as to check your classroom clock for accuracy (using the clock on your cellphone) and alert me if there is a big discrepancy. If your classroom clock is withing a minute of the correct time that should be considered normal and can be easily compensated for by you leaving your classroom a minute or two early or later depending on the circumstance. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter!

Continue Behavior Plan Efforts

Staff efforts in reteaching and reinforcing behavior expectations are working. I know this is a direct reflection on the time and consistency being devoted toward an amazing team effort. The coming weeks will be our first real test of how much resolve we will need as we are nearing the end of the "honeymoon effect" or "Hawthorne Effect" as school psychology teaches us. Data shows us that October has been the month where discipline issues spike (district-wide as well as school-wide). Armed with this knowledge we need to be vigilant and strengthen our resolve to continue to teach expectations. Stay strong and ensure our success in helping students demonstrate they have LEARNED and BELIEVE in the expectations we are committed to at Central Elementary. As a staff we have the talent, skill and attitude to build the positive climate of our school. Each staff member holds the key to making a difference!

PLC Sharing

I want to commend teachers for the sharing of ideas I was privileged to listen to and/or participate in during the first Grade 1-4 PLCs of the year. The discussion was centered on professional dialogue to help teachers get ideas about how to approach a problem or aspect of curriculum that was challenging. It was exhilarating to witness the openness and support you gave one another in an effort to find solutions that will enable you to better reach all students. Please keep your focus on students. We have a caring and dedicated group of professionals at Central! :)

Welcome Amy Highlen

Last week I was pleased to offer the position of Secretary to the Principal at Central Elementary to Amy Highlen. Amy is presently in the process of completing the initial hiring process requirements (fingerprints, etc.). It is my hope that she will join us sometime this week to begin training. Anne will, of course, be back to help train Amy throughout the week.

Amy resides in the Goodrich/Grand Blanc area and has an extensive background as an administrative assistant in the behavioral health care industry. She is also a Certified Medical Assistant which will come in handy in an elementary building. As we develop the dynamics of our new office team there will be some changes in the roles Michelle and Tiffany hold as well. During the transition Michelle Wright will have a greater role in working directly with me as Amy receives additional training specific to the school setting. The office team will make every attempt to keep you updated on who is handling what task. This will be a gradual transition so I ask your patience as we strive to reconfigure job responsibilities in an effort to improve the service we provide to students, parents and staff. Thanks for your understanding.

I will provide an opportunity for everyone to meet Amy when she officially comes on board. Please join me in extending her a warm welcome as she becomes a member of a wonderful and awesome Central Team.

Need for Monitors

Do you know of anyone who can interact and stay positive with children during the most unstructured part of their day? Someone who views working with kids as an opportunity to be a "recreation director" versus "an enforcer of rules?" If you do, please direct them my way. I am looking for 4-5 additional recess/lunch monitors to replace monitors who may be out on sick leave or are taking other positions in the near future. As you know, the lunch/recess period is an important time of the day and things that happen at recess can positively or negatively affect the rest of the school day. It is an important job!

Recess monitors work about 10 hours per week and have the potential to work an additional 3-4 hours per week as monitors during student arrival and dismissal. Their starting hourly rate is a little over $8 per hour and generally work only on days when students eat lunch at school.

A Thought to Ponder

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Have a great week making sure kids learn!