Korean plastic surgery

Korean plastic surgery

3 Aspects to Consider Before Dealing with a Bad Nose surgery

To help prospective clients with this process, I have actually included three elements you should know prior to considering revision nose surgery.

1.) How long ago was your previous nose surgical treatment? And exactly what region of the nose you are worried about?

Full healing from a prior nose Korean plastic surgery can take up to a complete year. This is particularly real to at the idea of the nose.

For clients worried about the shape or position of their pointer, I typically advise waiting a complete year before thinking about revising the nose.

The bridge of the nose is less gravity dependent than the idea and tends to "settle" faster. This area can be examined earlier than the pointer for modifications.

2.) You may need extra grafts or implants to attain the modification you are looking for.

When a client whose surgical treatment was previously done somewhere else comes in for a modification nasal surgical treatment, one of the first things I think about is how protected is his/her nasal anatomy. In the past, prior nasal surgical treatments often altered the underlying nasal cartilage, damaging the nose and eventually misshaping the shape of the nose. This has actually possibly impaired the true function of the nose (which is to breathe). When this happens, the nasal framework needs to be rebuilded. To do so, I suggest making use of cartilage grafts in the region of the idea.

Ideally the source for this graft would be from inside your nose (the nasal septum) but regularly, prior nasal surgeries have actually made use of all available cartilage inside your nose. Alternative sources for cartilage grafting material for revision surgeries can be from your ear, your rib, or banked/donated rib.

3.) How long will the revision nose surgery take to heal?

In general, modification nose surgeries take longer to heal. Aspects that contribute to how long it takes to heal are: quantity of grafts used throughout the surgical treatment and the quantity of work done. In general, the nose for redo nose surgeries takes about one year to recover. Please if you want to check out even more information the official site to learn more!