Psychology presentation

Harrison Jobe

Why i chose this course

I chose this course because i was in sociology last semester and wanted to learn the mental and psychological side to society. I also want to learn why criminals do what they do and what causes there actions and if there is something wrong with them mentally.I also wanted to learn about the different mental disorders and the behavior that comes with it.

Personal piece

I am 15 and have two younger siblings. I grew up an aggie and have been my entire life. I plan on going to A&M but i have no idea what i am going to study there or what my career is gonna be like. My favorite thing to do is go camping and fishing.

Why i enjoy Byron Nelson

I like Byron Nelson because i have a lot of friends that go here and i enjoy the variety of classes i am able to take. I also like that the teachers actually care how you do in there class and will give you opportunities to do better.I also like the school spirit.


I am going to follow Dr. Andrew Mendonsa,a very successful psychologist. He works in Beverly Hills and treats mental issues such as grief, anxiety, and depression. I am going to follow him because his twitter consists of insightful articles that would help me on my eportfolio.