Exploration of Leif Eriksson

By Jack Winkler

Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson Son of Erik the Red, is credited as the first European to explore and settle on the North American continent. On a voyage in A.D 1000 Leif sailed from Norway to Greenland and landed in "Vinland" and stayed for the winter. After his exploration he sailed back to Greenland and never returned to "Vinland"


A North American coastal region first des covered and settled in by Leif Erikson. It is known as the first European discovery of the Americas.

Some maps of Vinland and references to Leif Erikson

A letter to home

We have just landed on the Newfoundland Leif has named Vinland. All the men and I drank the few off the grass as a celebration and a few men went to hunt and others came back with grapes. We will stay the winter and explore the land and bring information and goods back to the people of Greenland.