Chasing Brooklyn

Written By Lisa Schroeder

Published by Simon & Schuster children's Publishing division, 2011


Genre: Fantasy


"Chasing brooklyn" is one of those books you can never put down because it's just that good. With Hauntings from her friends that died, and a love that shouldn't be there keeps your hands glued to the book. Lucca died in a car crash after a party he had went to with his friend. His friend, Gabe, ended up overdosing and died. He just couldn't hold all that weight of being the one who killed Lucca. Brooklyn had started to have dreams about Gabe running after her and always saying "Don't let fear control you". She is always confused and questioning why she hasn't had any dreams of Lucca. Lucca keeps giving signs to Nice to help her, but Nico doesn't really know how to.

This book could be catorgorized as realistic fiction if you believe in ghost, or Fantasy if you do not. I loved how the author brings back Lucca as a ghost. To give us a chance to see what there love was like, because when you read Lucca is already dead. The author also included love letters that Brooklyn wrote for Lucca after he died. Which really puts the bow on top to shw us that Brooklyn really loved Lucca and wasnt going to stop loving him for a long time

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