Radiologic Technologist

Jennifer Estrada A1

What is a Radiologic Technologist?

A Radiologic Technologist perform examinations on patients by taking x-rays.

Radiologic Technologist do basic patient care and radiation therapy treatments.

Education Requirements & Salary

Education Requirements :
  • A Radiologic Technologist completes a 2 year associates degree
  • You must pass the license exam
  • In some states Radiologic Technologist must be licensed or certified

Salary :

  • Median annual wage: $54,620
Benefits :

  • offers flexible hours.

Outlook & College

  • Outlook will grow 21% from 2012 to 2022
  • As population increases, medical conditions also increase.

  • Amarillo College in Amarillo, TX
  • Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, TX
  • Howard College in Big Spring, TX