February 2014

Loveable Locket Ladies Newsletter

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Check out these numbers!!!

HOLY MOLY! I have been so busy catching up and following through on sales from the Holidays, January just flew by!!! WOW!

December we had a team volume of $5,265.75!!!

And in January we ended with $3,169.70, wow!

But wait. It gets better! Already a week and a half into February and we are already at $1,754.60! Way to go ladies, keep up the great work!!!

What's comin' up!?

We're already a week and a half into February and hopefully getting that much closer to some spring weather ;)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! This coming Friday!!! Let's face it ladies... we've all seen the guys at the mall stumbling out last minute to find a gift for their loved one... and I'm sure we've all gotten a less than creative gift a time or two. Let's help them out! Be sure to offer to up cash and carry valentine's day gifts this week, gift certificates are a great option as well! Our lockets come pre-packaged and are ready to go, making them the perfect gift!

Spring will be here before we know it! Word has it new catalogs are on their way for March! Woohoo! That means it's time to reconnect with past hostesses and customers and see if they interested in re-booking or adding to their lockets!

Mother's Day is coming up - our fabulous mom/family charms and birthstones make the perfect mother's day gift! Mother's Day could potentially be just as busy as Christmas! Start talking up what a great gift this will make at your parties. If they're making a purchase for themselves today suggest they host to earn moms gift for FREE!

"Think About It Packet"

Many times I’ve you will have customers think they MAY want to book a party but aren’t sure. They say they’ll let you know and, in many cases, don’t get in touch with you again. Give them a "Think-About-It-Packet" Basically, you give them a packet of information (pretty much the same as the hostess packet) and ask them to think about it for a few days. A week later, you call at a prearranged time you and your potential hostess schedule, and decide whether or not she wants to host a party.

This is so great for 2 reasons:

  1. She has all the info in her hand when she leaves. She can actually look and really think about it.
  2. You’ve scheduled a time to talk again. In the past, before the “Think-About-It Packet”, you would make endless calls and never reach your customer. This way you are sure to be in touch again.

-Via Julie Ann Joans

Chain and Dangle Booking Incentive

I hope you all got a chance to see Chrissy describe the chain and dangle booking incentive. Essentially you pick out two chains and ask your hostess which she likes better. You'll also pick out 2-3 dangles to clip onto the chain. The guests get to choose a dangle from off of her chain as a gift for reserving a jewelry bar with you that evening. Let her know that if all of the dangles are gone by the end of the night she will get to keep the chain as a gift from you.

What's so great about this booking incentive? Your hostess does all the work! She'll be a walking advertisement for you that evening and she'll be talking all of her friends into booking with you! It's important to let everyone know they will have the same opportunity at their own jewelry bar! It's also key to pick "desirable items". Find out what everyone is eying up that night and deck your hostess out in those items!
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Welcome to the team!!!

A big warm welcome to Amy Sanchez! Brought on by April Lentkowski 12/28/13!!! And check out it, this rockstar was a top seller in January, woohoo!
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December Top Sales!

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January Top Sales!

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"Carry invites with you at all times to invite everyone you meet! It's a great way to introduce the product to potential customers and to book Jewelry Bars!" -Tracey Vlahos, Director of Regional Sales

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