Wilson Weekly

Week of November 12th, 2018

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Action Items

  • SBDM - Please mark your calendar for our 2nd SBDM meeting on Monday the 26th @ 3:15.
  • Thanksgiving Feast - We're looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our Wilson families this Thursday! Please be sure to communicate the change in lunch times with your families. Also, several of our room moms are coordinating decorations, so there will be special things on the tables, an area for photos, etc. We'll also continue having our "celebrity servers" (including Mr. Hunt, School Board Members, & Central Admin folks).
  • FedEx - Please use the link below to sign up for this week's FedEx. Based off the feedback from "Resource-a-pallooza" this past week, Andi will offer a combined session on both Reading/Writing Strategies AND Crafting Non-Fiction. Remember - you may attend that session or pursue something else more aligned to your individual/team goals.

FedEx Registration - https://coppell.schoolobjects.com//wshop/default.aspx?cid=10175

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Intervention Documentation - Jordan

Hey everyone! I have created a RtI Documentation Folder to facilitate communication between you and our interventionist. I hope this folder will make it easy to keep up with how your learners are doing when they are seeing an interventionist!
  • Reading

    • Each learner has a folder

    • It is broken up by interventionist, grade, and learner

  • Math

    • There is a folder for math but there is only a few learners have online documentation at this point (You will still receive documentation in your box!)

  • Spanish RtI

    • I have uploaded Mrs. Guillien’s documentation in this folder, too!

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NEW Red Emergency Cards

NEW Red Emergency Cards….

We are implementing a new process to our safety protocol here at Wilson! Shout out to Carol Ortega for the great idea from Irving ISD!

*Imagine you are in class tending to a child who has become unresponsive. All of your focus needs to be on this child as we all know every second counts! But, all of the other learners are scared and out of control. You need help and are trying to think through what learner you can trust to get help quickly and who they should go get that will be available to help you…

*OR, as hard as it is to imagine, what if YOU became unresponsive…

I have placed a red emergency card in a sheet protector in each of your boxes. If you are a tutor, please see me as I have one for you in my office. This card has your last name and room number on the front and a short message on the back. The message reads, “If you have received this piece of paper, there is an emergency in this room. Please proceed to this room to assist the teacher.” This card should be hung on the wall and easily reachable to all of your learners. Should there be an emergency, your learners should taught to get the red card and hand it to the next available adult they see. You may give your kids a couple of ideas of staff members who are close by they could reach out to as long as they understand that ANY staff member will do. The idea is to get you help fast! Once your help arrives, they can call the office and help with crowd control. This will all happen very quickly and the MAT team will take over as soon as they arrive.

In the next few days, please find a time to implement this into your classroom procedures so that your learners clearly understand the importance and function of the emergency card. If you have students in your room at any point, you should have one. If you didn’t get one and feel you should have received one, please let me know!

Thank you for your help!

Nurse Jill

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Week At A Glance

  • SpEd Team Time
  • 4th/5th Progress Report grades due
  • PTO Meeting - 6:30


  • Kinder Team Time
  • 5th Financial Literacy Fair - library
  • Music Through The Decades! - We will begin calling @ 2:00 for the 5th grade performance.
  • PTO Luncheon - Come hungry!
  • 5th Grade Performance - 6:30


  • 1st Grade Team Time
  • MAT Drill - afternoon - We will call for the MAT team over the PA system.
  • FedEx - 3:30


  • 2nd Grade Team Time
  • Thanksgiving Feast! - Please bring your class through the front hallway, so your kids can "pick up" their guests.
  • Fire Drill - 2:30


  • Rise & Shine
  • 1st Grade Field Trip
  • 4th/5th Progress Reports go home

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Break!