—————————Thank you!

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Abundant gratitude towards all who participated in the success of a wonderful "Kind-of Chronological 2015" weekend at Studio Feruvius.

Yes it was the art, yes it was writing, yes it was the wine and the warm weather - but above all it was ALL OF YOU! — full of ideas and insight, individuality and universal resonance that made the weekend so memorable and nourishing.

My goal at Studio Feruvius is to create an art-space that represents artists and art-works that encourage a dialogue through the more esoteric and subtly pervasive topics that are signature to our time — consciousness and enlightenment, mystery and wonder. There is so much history and more-so — pre-history — that we have at hand and we are living in a day and age where our opportunity is to be truly cumulative.

The joy of Spring is in full effect with all of her aromas and abundance. Summer is being born, building towards it's reigning Equinox only a few weeks away.

May the powerful example of the seasons inspire you onward and inward. Write a poem about something you Love.

Yours in inspiration,

Daniel Eugene

Studio Feruvius

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